5 spooky accessories kids can make

Don’t let Halloween sneak up on you! These fancy dress ideas only take 5 minutes and they’ll keep your kids busy making them. They’re suitable for children aged 2-plus and big kids, too! We’d love to see pictures of your little ones dressed up – send them to us on social media @5minutefun.

1) Witch’s hat: perfect for those who want to stir up some mischief!

You’ll need: a paper plate, black paper, scissors and tape

1) Help your child to cut from the middle of the paper plate to the rim, 8 times in a circle.

2) Push the triangles up and check the plate will fit on your child’s head. Then they can paint it black on both sides.

3) Now ask your child to make a cone with the black paper.

4) Help them secure it so the bottom will sit inside the rim of the paper plate.

5) Once the plate’s dry, ask your child to fold up all the triangles and help them tape them inside the cone of paper.


2) Pumpkin mask: pair with a black t-shirt and leggings for an instant outfit.

 You’ll need: paper plate, scissors, orange paint, 3 pipe cleaners (1 green), tape

1. Help your child mark where their eyes are on a paper plate and then draw and cut out triangles. Hold it up to their face and check they can see OK.
2. Now they paint the plate orange.
3. Then they twist the green pipe cleaner to make a stalk.
4. When the paint’s dry, they can stick on the stalk and draw a nose and mouth.
5. Finally, tape the other two pipe cleaners to the sides of the mask. Then secure the mask to the right size for your child’s face by either twisting the pipe cleaners together to make a band, or bending them around your child’s ears (like glasses).

3) Monstrous headband: a fun head piece for boys and girls.

You’ll need: 3 pipe cleaners, 3 pompoms, 3 googly eyes and a headband

1. First your child sticks googly eyes onto the pompoms.
2. Then they twist the pipe cleaners around the headband so they’re secure and the long part is sticking up.
3. Now they twist the long part of each pipe cleaner around a pencil or their finger to make it into a spiral.
4. Finally, they glue the pompom to the spiral and wait for it to dry.

4) Spider headband: what could be spookier than a giant spider sitting on their head?

 You’ll need: this 5 Minute Fun Halloween craft set, an extra pipe cleaner and a headband

1. Make the spider according to the pack instructions.
2. Feed the extra pipe cleaner through the tube in the spider.
3. Use this pipe cleaner to secure the spider onto the headband. That’s it!

5) Monster feet: an easy giggly idea

You’ll need: 2 tissue boxes, white card, paint, glue, scissors

1. First, ask your kids to paint the tissue boxes green.
2. Then they can cut three pointy monster toenails from card.
3. Once the tissue boxes are dry, they stick the nails on – then wear their funny monster feet!