5 sporty activities

Lots of running and jumping = an easy, early bedtime. But it’s harder to keep kids moving when you’re at home. That’s why we’ve come up with 5 games that are guaranteed to tire your kids out – not you! They’re fun, quick to set up and suitable for all ages to do by themselves.

1) Spoon race: have an egg and spoon contest.

What you’ll need: spoons, small rubber balls (or small toys)

What to do:

1. Give your child a spoon with a ball (or small toy on it).
2. Now they race! If they drop the ball they have to pick it up. Who can reach the finish first?

2) Hula: try some loopy hoopy games!

What you’ll need: Chalk (or toy hoops)

What to do:

1. Chalk circles or lay hoops on the ground.
2. Tell your kids they’re islands in a shark-infested sea! Can they hop and jump from one to another without falling in?

3) Balloon bop: bounce a balloon!

What you’ll need: balloons

What to do:

1. Your kids bat a balloon around with their hands, passing it to each other volleyball style.
2. Can they count how many passes they make?
3. And then do it again (and again) to try to get the best score!

 4) Dribble trouble: work on some football skills.

What you’ll need: football, small obstacles (toys, cones, whatever you can find)

What to do:

Your children dribble a football around the obstacles. Time them and whoever is fastest wins!

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5) Obstacle course: make a mini-sporting challenge.

What you’ll need: you can use bikes, balls, hoops, skipping ropes – or just give them challenges to do at different stations

What to do:

Try this course or adapt it for what you have at home.

1. The kids step inside hoops lying on the ground and pull them up and over their heads. (They could also put on a big T-shirt and take it off if you don’t have a hoop.)
2. Skip five times on the spot (with or without a rope).
3. Cycle, scoot or crawl to the next obstacle. Then do 10 star jumps.
4. Crawl under a blanket.
5. Finally, they hop on 1 leg to the finish line!

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