5 spring-time games

Image: Getty | Words: Sara Conway

1 Draw flowers: When you get home from your walk, arm the kids with colouring pens and ask them to draw their favourite ‘spring thing’ while you enjoy a cuppa. You could even cut out a big paper butterfly for them to colour in.

2 Make a blossom tree: Easier than it sounds! Bring home a twig from your walk, let your little one scrunch up tiny bits of paper and stick them on to the twig – pink tissue paper makes lovely blossom but any paper will work.

3 Take indoor toys outside: Plastic toys suddenly become way more interesting when they’re outside. Take a box of building blocks on to the grass and let their imagination run riot.

4 Mud pie making: One bucket, some water, some soil and old cartons and you’ve got a mud pie factory. Hours of fun, you just need to remind them not to eat their creations!

5 Go on a worm hunt! Armed with a digger and a patch of soil, your little one will love finding little wrigglers – and fortunately worms are quite resilient to tiny hands too!