5 spring activities

Image: Getty | Words: Sara Conway

The weather is getting warmer!

At last we can head outside to have some fun.

1 Make daisy chains: As soon as the sun peeps out, head for your local park, take a blanket and chill out with the daisies. They’re one of the first signs that spring has sprung. Even the tiniest fingers can learn to make daisy chains and they’ll keep little ones happy while you take in some rays

2 Make your own bubble liquid: To make a whopping 500ml of bubble liquid, mix 150ml of washing-up liquid with 350ml water and two teaspoons of sugar. You can use all sorts of bubble blowers – try shaping a pipe cleaner

3 Grow some cress: Even tiny tots love to see how things grow. One of the simplest seeds to plant is cress. Simply wet some cotton wool or tissue and sprinkle cress seeds on – your little ones will be watching them sprout within a few days

4 Have a treat hunt: It’s not just Easter eggs you can hide in the garden, any wrapped treat can create fun as kids search for them. Hide a mini cheese or satsumas in the garden, and sit back and relax while they go hunting

5 Spring fun: Make your next walk in the park a nature hunt and snap any ‘spring has sprung’ clues such as ducklings, tulips, birds’ nests together on your phone