5 St Patrick’s Day makes

It’s nearly St Patrick’s Day, which means a day of celebrating Irish culture. Exploring the ancient myths of the leprechaun and the four-leaf clover… Er, WHAT? I thought it was the National Day of Guinness. You know, an excuse to drink lots and lots of Guinness.

If you feel like there’s a fair few hours with your offspring to get through before you can dive into a pint, try these quick and easy St Patrick’s Day makes to keep your kids busy all day…

 1) Lucky loop the loop: a pipe cleaner becomes a four-leaf clover.

What you’ll need: green pipe cleaners

1. Help your child to loop a pipe cleaner around one finger.

2. Keep going until you’ve wrapped all four.

3. Slip it off their fingers without undoing the loops. Join the loops together to make a four-leaf clover.

4. Now get them to do it again… and again… and again!


Picture credit: Craft and photo by Sarah Wills

2) Fairytale friend: Make a lolly stick leprechaun!

What you’ll need: 9 lolly sticks, glue, paint, paintbrush, googly eyes

What to do:

1. Get your child to lay out eight lollypop sticks side by side.
2. Help them to glue them together.
3. Glue one more lolly stick horizontally near the top of the sticks to become the brim of the hat.
4. Let your child paint their leprechaun.
5. Stick on googly eyes.

Picture credit: Craft and photo by Sarah Wills

3) Where does a leprechaun keep his treasure? Swoosh a rainbow with one big sweep!

You’ll need: a washing up sponge, paper, paint

What to do:

1. Ask your child to paint the colours of the rainbow in stripes across the sponge.
2. Then they swoosh it in a rainbow arc. It works best if they press down on the sponge. That’s it!

 4) The luck of the Irish: your kids can handprint a four-leaf clover.

What you’ll need: paper, green paint, scissors, card

What to do:

1. Help your child dip their hand in paint and make four handprints on paper.
2. Cut around the shape of your child’s handprints.
3. Get your child to stick the four handprints onto card.
4. Paint on a clover stalk and write a message.

Picture credit: Craft and photo by Sarah Wills

 5) Over the rainbow: a magical 3D collage

You’ll need: blue paper, card, different coloured ribbons, glue, cotton wool

What to do:

1. Help your child cut a strip of card to arch across the blue paper (sky).
2. They cover it in glue and then lay the ribbons across it so it’s covered completely.
3. Help trim the ribbon and card to make it neat.
4. Arch the rainbow across the page and then add cotton wool clouds.

 Now kick up your feet and say “slàinte” (That’s Gaelic for cheers).