5 toddler-safe slimes!

These ideas create gloopy mixtures that toddlers love to squish – and they use non-toxic ingredients like gelatine and cornflour, so you don’t have to worry if they put them near their mouth. However, we don’t recommend that they eat most of these slimes! Get everything ready first so you can keep a close eye on those sticky fingers.

 1 Gelatine slime: you can make slime out of anything with some gelatine.

Follow the packet instructions and then add to…

  1. yoghurt for a milky white edible slime.
  2. washing up liquid and water for a bubbly see-through cube of amazingness!
  3. just water for a clear and pure slime experience.

 Chill in the fridge overnight and then unveil these wobbly slimes.

 2 Gloopy slime: creates a bubbly liquid they can pour or squeeze

 You’ll need: a cup of washing up liquid, two cups of cornflour, a spoonful of cold water, food colouring (optional)

  1. Your toddler squirts the washing up liquid.
  2. Now, they can stir in the flour.
  3. You add the water and food colouring and get them to stir it all up.
  4. Now they can pop their hands in and explore the mixture.

 3 Cornflour slime: a dough that changes from chalky to sticky as they squish it

You’ll need: one cup of baby shampoo, two cups of cornflour plus food colouring and glitter (optional)

  1. First, help your toddler spoon the cornflour into a bowl.
  2. Then they can stir in the shampoo.
  3. And squish it together.
  4. Add food colouring and glitter if you like.

If you leave this dough, it becomes chalky and brittle. To get it going again, just work it in your hands.

Tip: For a more squidgy dough, use hair conditioner instead of baby shampoo. The oil stops the mixture becoming crumbly.

 4 Jelly slime: this was hands down our toddler’s favourite activity – and she tested all 5 slimes.

She just loved putting her hands into the jelly and squishing it. You can buy sachets to mix and with hot water and chill overnight (you can even buy ones with glitter in them!) Or just buy ready-made jelly in a pot.

 5 No mess slime: Put washing up liquid in a ziplock bag for them to squish – it behaves just like a slime!

Tip: It’s important for the bag to seal tightly with no air inside for this to remain a no mess activity!

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