5 Toy Story activities

Woody and the gang are back! Forget the kids, it’ll be us at the front of the cinema ticket queue for Toy Story 4 (even though we’d rather forget that it’s nearly 25 years since the first one came out… eek!).

Get excited by trying these Toy Story-related activities. They’re quick and suitable for all ages!

1) There’s a snake in my boot! Put Andy to shame with your snake/shoelace throwing skills.

What you’ll need: shoes, shoelace

What to do:

1. Line up shoes from different members of the family.
2. Take it in turns to try and throw the shoelace into the shoes, it’s as easy as that! Fancy a bit of competition? Make each pair of shoes worth a different amount of points!

2) Meet Forky! Your kids can make Woody’s new pal.

What you’ll need: a plastic fork (or spork!), pipe cleaners, googly eyes, glue

This is a great way to recycle a used plastic fork. If you don’t have a plastic fork, you can use a wooden one – or even an old metal fork that you don’t mind donating to craft!

What to do:

1. Get your child to give Forky a face by gluing on googly eyes and pipe cleaners for a mouth and hair.
2. Then they can twist on pipe cleaner arms.

It’s that simple! Now Forky can join their toys for some adventures.

3) Take us to your leader! Make a Toy Story alien.

What you’ll need: a paper plate, green paint, black paint or a black felt-tip, googly eyes, scissors

What to do:

1. Draw the alien shape on to the paper plate, then ask your little one to snip out.
2. Paint the plate green and wait to dry.
3. Add three googly eyes and a mouth with black paint or a black felt-tip.

4) Potato head pals: Make the Toy Story power couple.

What you’ll need: 2 potatoes, plain paper and felt tips, sticky tack

What to do:

1. Draw out Mr and Mrs Potato Head’s body parts (what a sentence!).Or cut out parts of faces from magazines.
2. Get your child to stick on the parts to the potatoes with sticky tack. (Make sure the potatoes are dry – it also helps if they’re room temperature.)

5) Make slinky dog: Just use coloured paper!

What you’ll need: brown and white paper, sticky tape or stapler, black pen, glue, googly eyes (optional)

What to do:

1. Snip out strips of brown paper, then ask your kid to help you make a paper chain about 9 links long. Staple or tape the paper together.
2. For the face, draw a circle and two oval ears on brown paper and cut out. For the nose, draw an oval on white paper, add a small circle at the bottom and cut out too.
3. Stick the two brown ears to each side of the circle and the white nose in the middle. Either glue on googly eyes or draw your own eyes, before sticking the face to one end of the chain.
4. Cut out 4 rectangles from the brown paper and attach to the paper chain for legs.
5. Fold a long strip of brown paper backwards and forwards, then unfold and stick at the end of the chain to make a wiggly-waggly tail!

Toy Story 4 is out in cinemas nationwide on the 21st June.