5 fun ways to play with sand

Don’t let sunny days trickle through your fingers – take the kids to the beach and chill out while they play these games.

1) Bury Mummy’s feet: keep them close while you read a book, by challenging them to completely cover your tootsies with sand.

When they’ve done that, they can use the sand to mould you some new comedy feet, like puppy paws or dinosaur claws.

2) Build-it-quick contest: can they build a giant castle, a boat for teddy, a car for them to sit in?

Keep setting them challenges while you lie on a sunbed and relax.

3) Draw in the sand: for when building castles gets boring, challenge them to draw pictures with their fingers.

Can they draw an owl? A cat? They could go big and draw a whole underwater world. Or how about writing their name?

 4) Little cups for little kids: mini stackable cups are easy to transport and they’re perfect for pouring sand and making mini castles.

Your little ones can stack them into a tower and knock them down. Or use them to collect shells in.

5) Toy stories: mini toys have a whole new appeal when they’re at the beach with you.

Your little ones can create little sand worlds for them to live in. You can find these little dinosaurs at the 5 Minute Fun Shop for just £1.75!