5 Valentine’s activities

Here are some fun, simple activities and crafts to help your kids spread a little love!

Written by Sian Jones

For us grown-ups, Valentine’s Day is all about showing our other halves how much we love each other on just one solitary day of the year. The other 364 can forget it… or it’s about avoiding Valentine’s Day altogether. Who needs love when you’ve got a household to run and a life to live? Why love each other when you could just love… yourself?

Oh… and your beautiful children. Who could forget them? No one. Because they will never let you forget them. So why not teach them about sharing the love this Valentine’s Day? Family, friends, pets, toys – the list goes on. Help them show some love and appreciation for the world around them. They’ll enjoy getting involved in the fun and you might even feel a little bit warm and fuzzy inside… careful.

1) I like warm hugs! This homemade card says, ‘I love you!’

What you’ll need: thin card, red paint, coloured paper, pens, scissors, glue

1. Draw one large heart and two smaller hearts on the cardboard. Have them paint the hearts red.

2. Now, they take the red paper and fold it in a concertina.

3. Now, they glue the small hearts onto the ends of the concertina arms, and glue the arms to the big heart!

4. Your child adds the finishing touch and draws a big smiley face on, ready to send to someone they love!


Credit: Craft and photo by Rowena Kinghorn

2) Me + Food = LOVE

What you’ll need: sandwich, heart-shaped cookie cutter

What to do:

Make these adorable heart-shaped sandwiches by helping your kid cut out the bread with a cookie cutter, then simply ask them what they want to put inside their Valentine’s sandwiches!

Credit: Girl Talk Art magazine

3) Where is the love? Hugs deliver instant feel-good vibes.

What you’ll need: Warm arms!

What to do:

Tell your kids to deliver cuddles to the people (or toys) they love!

4) Stuck on you: love is all around!

What you’ll need: coloured paper, sticky tape

What to do:

1. Cut out some love hearts, big and small, for your kids. Pop some double-sided sticky tape on the back (or you can fold regular sticky tape back on itself!)
2. Ask your little one to stick the love hearts to the things they love the most. It could be a toy, a room, a family member or a friend. You can enjoy watching them spread a little love around the house!

5) Hogs’ & kisses: Help them transform an egg carton into a pig with a special message.

What you’ll need: an egg carton, a pink pipe cleaner, a pink pompom, glue, buttons, googly eyes, paper

1. Cut a cup from the egg carton and flip it over.
2. Now cut small holes in opposite sides and poke through the pipe cleaner.
3. Twist one end around the pompom (the pig’s head) to hold it in place. Curl the other to make the pig’s tail.
4. Ask your child to glue button feet onto the egg cup (this also balances the weight from the head).
5. Now your child can make the pig’s face by sticking on googly eyes, a button nose and heart-shaped ears.
6. Finally, help them to cut a little red heart from paper, and write the name of the person they’re giving the pig to. We put ours in a little envelope we made from brown paper.

And that’s it! A cute pig who loves to deliver hogs and kisses.

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