5 Waffle ideas

Make, play and dance with Waffle the Wonder Dog

“Waffle doggy, you’re such a clever dog, such a clever dog you aaaaare!” It’s a great tune, right? It’s probably the best theme tune since Postman Pat. So, what if your kids sing it over and over and over again and over again? And you just can’t get it out of your head? It’s FINE.

These 5 ideas are sure to keep any little Waffle the Wonder Dog fan distracted for 5 minutes or so. Hopefully, it’ll give you just enough time to enjoy that cup of tea you made an hour ago but forgot about because life got in the way.

1) Doggy café: your child can make food for Waffle.

What you’ll need: play dough (or crayons, card, scissors) a toy to serve dinner to (like this great Waffle toy!)

What to do:

1. Get your child to mould some tasty treats, like a string of sausages or a tasty carrot. Or they can draw the food – then snip everything out.
2. Now they can serve Waffle a special meal!
3. Need another 5 minutes? Ask them to draw a menu, too.

 2) I’ve got the moves like Waffle! It’s time for a doggy dance-off!

What to do:

Pop on some music and ask your child to think of some moves that Waffle would do – like chasing their own tail, rolling over, jumping up high and playing fetch. Put your feet up, sit back and relax, your child can take the lead on this one.

Need some music suggestions? How about Pink Floyd’s classic Bark Side of the Moon? Or Lady Gaga’s Paw-parazzi? No? Then maybe this Waffle the Wonder Dog playlist will do! 

3) Where’s Waffle? A fun hiding game!

What you’ll need: Their toy

What to do:

1. Hide their toy (in the tea cupboard, under their bed, in the fruit bowl).
2. Now help them to find out him by calling out clues – freezing, cold, warm or hot.

4) A day in the life of Waffle: kids can take Waffle on tour!

What you’ll need: Waffle toy 

What to do:

Your child can take Waffle with them when you’re out for the day so you’ve got a welcome distraction. Is he thirsty when you’re at a café? Get them to give him a drink. Does he want to play on the swing whilst you’re at the park? Or does he want to play in the sand? They could take photos of his day, too.

5) Waffle says! A game you can play anywhere.

What to do:

Come up with lots of doing words and put ‘Waffle says’ in front, like ‘Waffle says woof!’ or ‘Waffle says howl!’ If you say a word without ‘Waffle says’ in front, your little one should not follow that command. If they do, it’s time to switch and their turn to make the commands!

If all else fails, you could always start singing the Waffle theme tune and get them to finish it off. YOU KNOW THEY KNOW IT! “Oh Waffle, oh Waffle…”

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