5 ways children can help out in the garden

You can’t put off doing the garden any longer. So why not get your preschooler to help out? These simple gardening tasks and games will keep them busy while you get some things done.

Give your child a watering can or hose (set to low pressure) and ask them to water every plant, shrub, and tree in the garden. 


Give your child a magnifying glass and send them on an insect hunt around the garden. Can they spot a snail? What about a woodlouse? Show them how to lift up small stones to see what’s underneath. 


Give your child pens and lolly sticks to create plant labels. Older children can write plant names, while little kids can draw pictures.



Children can help you to sweep up. Or, give them a brush, a bowl of soapy water and a sponge so they can wash tables, chairs and play equipment.


Let them help you to plant seeds. Sunflowers are fun for children to watch and measure all summer.

Now that the garden’s sorted and the chairs are nice and clean, have a cup of tea and put your feet up!