5 ways to a DIY pirate party

Let’s be honest, we’d much rather be sailing the Seven Seas than spending everything we’ve got on a birthday party. Unless we can pay Jack Sparrow (aka Johnny Depp) to come to our house, waving his cutlass, hmmm – drifts away for a moment –  we’d much rather keep things simple and cheap.

If you’re thinking of organising a pirate party we’ve got just the thing: 5 excellent DIY ideas for simple and affordable costumes, invites, party food, games and favours. Read on to keep your little one and their mateys entertained for a few hours…

Pirate theme

1) Easy outfit ahoy!

What you’ll need: black paper, sticky tape, white pencil crayon or paint, scissors

What to do:

1. Help your child draw the shape of a pirate’s hat on black paper.
2. Then they cut it out.
3. Now they draw or paint on a skull and crossbones.
4. Cut a strip of black paper and tape it to the size of their head.
5. Help them tape the hat to the strip so they can wear it.
6. Now make the eye patch! Measure a strip of paper that’s long enough to fit around your child’s head.
7. Fold the strip in half and help your child to cut a semi-circle, stopping halfway up the strip. This is the part that will cover one eye.
8. Now cut along the strip to make it thinner.
9. Finally, tape it so it fits your child’s head.
10. Find a stripy top and tie a lightweight scarf around your child’s neck to complete the look! ARR!

2) Great game: Last pirate standing: a swashbuckling indoor party game!

Set out chairs, but make sure there’s one fewer chair than players. Play some sea shanty-style music and have the kids dance like pirates until the music stops. Last one standing is out! Repeat with a chair being removed each time, until one pirate remains.

3) Last minute DIY invite: Island invitation: a piratey DIY invite that kids can make.

What you’ll need: blue paper, yellow paper, scissors, glue, black pens, stickers

What to do:

1. Cut out island shapes from yellow paper (layer sheets of paper and cut 5 at a time to keep it speedy) and write the party details on each island.
2. Now your child can stick the islands onto blue invite-sized pieces of paper. Then, they can draw sharks, ships, and whales in the ocean, and use stickers to decorate.

4) Fun party bag filler: Try these budget-friendly gifts and send everyone home with treasure!

Take a look at these pirate loot ideas from the 5 Minute Fun shop:

Fun fillers Fancy Gem Rings – pack of 6 for 88p

Neon Plastic Rings – Pack of 12 for 88p

Fun Fillers Mini Prism Scopes – Pack of 6 for 88p

Sweet Shop Scented Eraser Rings – Pack of 6 for £1.25

5) Party snack: Seadog snacks: serve some arr-mazingly tasty treats!

What you’ll need: melon, apple, orange, cheese, cocktail sticks

What to do:

1. Slice the fruit into boat shapes.
2. To make the sails, cut cheese into small rectangles.
3. Now you can help your child to stick the fruit and cheese together and build some boats! Let’s set sail, me hearties!

So there you go: a perfect pirate party without digging up the gold. Yo ho ho!