5 ways to decorate biscuits, party-style!

Planning a party is hard enough. There’s the invites, venue, decorations, food… So, we love these quick and simple ideas for biscuits that look like you made an effort, which kids can help you prep. You could even turn it in to a party activity and give yourself a well-earned, 5-minute break. Happy decorating!

Use the recipe below for any icing.

Icing recipe:

225g of icing sugar

2-3 tablespoons of boiling water

Food colouring (if needed)

1. Sift the icing sugar into a bowl.
2. Gradually, stir in the water using a wooden spoon until the mixture is of a cream consistency.
3. Add a drop of food colouring if necessary and mix. Use straight away.

1) Vroom vroom! For the mini-racer

What you’ll need: Rich tea fingers, chocolate buttons, jelly babies, tube icing

What to do:

1. Cut the jelly babies’ legs off with a knife (sorry!)
2. Ask your little one to glue 4 chocolate button wheels on the sides using icing.
3. Add details to the biscuit using coloured tube icing.

2) Super biscuits: for your little hero

What you’ll need: plain biscuits, fizzy belt sweets, hair colour tube icing, white chocolate buttons, black tube icing

What to do:

1. Snip the fizzy belt sweets into the same length as the biscuit.
2. Ask your child to help you stick the belt sweets to the biscuit with a little bit of icing.
3. Get them to make eyes on the biscuit by sticking two chocolate buttons on top of the fizzy belt sweet. Use the black tube icing for detail.
4. Now get them to design a hair style using the tube icing, they could have curly pink hair or straight blue hair!

3) Unicorn nibbles: a magical snack

What you’ll need: plain biscuits, icing sugar, different coloured tube icing

What to do:

Get your little one to help you make lines from different coloured tube icing to give the biscuit colourful rainbow hair!


4) Do donut: a fun way to decorate

What you’ll need: plain coconut ring biscuits, pink icing, hundreds and thousands

What to do:

1. Ask your child to help you make some pink icing using the recipe above.
2. Get them to dip a coconut ring (facing downwards) into the icing
3. Now let them loose decorating the top with hundreds and thousands.

5) Monster mates: a roarsome idea!

What you’ll need: digestive biscuits, icing pens, icing eyes

What to do:

Ask your kids to help you draw gruesome faces on the biscuits. Raaaar!