5 ways to decorate biscuits

Written by Becky Lord

Whether you’re planning a spread for a kids’ party or just need a fun playdate activity, try these great ideas to jazz up plain biscuits. They’re simple to do and the perfect accessories to go with a nice cup of tea!

1) Flower power: these biscuits are blooming beautiful!

What you’ll need: digestive biscuits, icing, marshmallows, Smarties

1. Ice the top half of your biscuit.

2. Cut 3 marshmallows in half.

3. Place the marshmallows around the edge of the biscuit, like flower petals.

4. Finish with a Smartie in the middle.



2) LEGO® show: build some delicious bricks.

What you’ll need: rectangle biscuits, coloured icing, M&M’s® that match the coloured icing

What to do:

1. Ask your kids to squeeze icing onto the plain biscuit.
2. Help them to spread out the icing to make it smooth.
3. Stick the M&M’s® to the biscuit and leave to set.

3) Monster mates: design some roarsome snacks.

What you’ll need: digestive biscuits, icing pens, icing eyes

What to do:

Ask your kids to help you draw gruesome faces on the biscuits. Raaaar!

4) Amazing aliens: these funny friends are out of this world.

What you’ll need: digestive biscuits, icing, sprinkles, marshmallows, black icing pen

What to do:

Ask your kids to help you:

1. Cover the digestive biscuit with icing.
2. Scatter the sprinkles on top.
3. Use a black icing pen to turn marshmallows into eyes.
4. Stick the marshmallow eyes to the icing on top of the biscuit.

5) Mad Hatter’s Tea Party: make some marvellous marshmallow teacups.

What you’ll need: round ginger biscuits, icing sugar, normal and mini marshmallows (or snip some pieces off normal marshmallows), large chocolate buttons, gummy sweet rings (cut in half)

What to do:

Ask your kids to help you:

1. Mix the icing sugar with water to make a thick paste and spread the icing over a biscuit.
2. Stick a marshmallow on top.
3. Now they can stick a chocolate button on top (using a drop of icing as glue).
4. Then use more icing to stick on a sweet handle.
5. Top with mini marshmallows.

Have fun making these simple snacks together. And even more fun eating them!