5 ways to decorate cupcakes

Uh-oh… It’s the school bake sale tomorrow, did you forget? Yes! Because there are, like, a million other things to think about.

If you’re short on time, ingredients and patience – why not decorate shop-bought cupcakes together? Impressive and fun, no-one needs to know you didn’t actually make them… They’ll be too busy scoffing the lot!

Top Tip: These ideas are also perfect for parties!

1) Brilliant balloons: float away with these colourful cupcakes!

What you’ll need: shop-bought cupcakes, white icing, icing pens, Smarties

What to do:

1. Ask your kids to spread the icing over the cupcakes.
2. While still a bit wet, stick on some Smarties.
3. Once dry, use icing pens to draw balloon string from the Smartie balloons.

2) Edible emojis: happy, sad or poop!

What you’ll need: shop-bought cupcakes, yellow icing, icing pens

What to do:

1. Cover the cupcakes in yellow icing.
2. Once dry, have fun decorating with emoji faces

3) Ewe are always on my mind: create fluffy marshmallow sheep cakes.

What you’ll need: shop-bought cupcakes, icing, mini marshmallows, chocolate buttons, googly fondant eyes

What to do:

1. Ask your kids to cover the cakes in icing.
2. Stick on lots of mini marshmallows.
3. Pop on a chocolate button face.
4. Finally, stick on googly fondant eyes (use a little more icing as glue).

4) Mmm monsters: crazy colourful cupcakes with bite!

What you’ll need: shop-bought cupcakes, colourful icing, icing pens, white chocolate buttons

What to do:

1. Cover the cupcakes in colourful icing – the fluffier and messier, the better!
2. Stick on some big white chocolate buttons as eyes.
3. Use icing pens to draw big monster mouths.

5) Crazy magical sparkly cupcake fun: chuck-everything-on-and-enjoy cupcakes!

What you’ll need: shop-bought cupcakes, icing, icing pens, edible glitter, hundreds and thousands, sweets etc

What to do:

1. Ask your kids to cover the cupcakes in icing.
2. While still wet, chuck all your favourite ingredients on to make crazy colourful cupcakes!

So while that really annoying do-it-all perfect mum from school spent the entire weekend baking a thousand cakes for the bake sale, you can smugly walk in with your amazingly decorated shop-bought cupcakes and no-one will be able to tell the difference. Plus – you and the kids had all that time on the weekend to play at the park instead. Yay!