5 ways to handpaint

You survived the chaos of summer hols, back to school, Halloween and Bonfire Night – you deserve a medal! But your reward is dark, dreary days trapped inside with your kids. Family days out are an absolute no go when you’d all much rather hibernate.

So here are 5 handpainting ideas, which are the perfect kids’ activities to do indoors. All they have to do is dip and print, meaning children aged 3-plus can try these activities by themselves. (They’re great for toddlers, too, but they’ll need a bit more help from you).

1) I’LL BRING YOU FLOWERS: Kids can craft a bouquet of flowers!

What you’ll need: coloured or patterned paper, plain paper, paints

1. Your child draws the shape of a vase and sticks it to the plain paper

2. Then they turn them into flowers by drawing some stalks below them. 

3. To add a vase, they cut the shape from patterned paper and stick it on. Ta-dah!


2) WHY THE LONG FACE? Challenge your child to create this handprint elephant.

What you’ll need: paper, paint, felt tip pen

What to do:

1. First, your child uses a paintbrush to paint their hand (let them pick the colour of their elephant.)
2.Then they press their hand onto some plain paper
3.Finally, they turn the paper around and give the elephant a face and a tail (their thumbprint is the trunk) to bring their masterpiece to life.

3) UNDER THE SEA: Your child can use their hand to create an underwater scene.

What you’ll need: blue paper, paints, felt tip pen

What to do:

1. Your child paints their hand and presses it onto the blue paper. Repeat.
2. Now they use a felt tip to turn their handprints into fish with big, toothless grins.
3. Finally, they paint their fingers green to add some waving seaweed!

4) FEELING FRUITY: It’s simple to make this quick strawberry picture.

What you’ll need: paper, paints

What to do:

1. Your child paints their hand red and presses it onto paper.
2. Now, they add a green leafy top and dab on some black spot fingerprints to give it that authentic strawberry look… hungry?

5) MAKE IT SNAPPY: a hand makes a cute crab!

What you’ll need: paint, paper, felt tip pen

What you do:

1. Paint your little one’s hands orange or red and place next to each other on the paper; facing left and right.
2. Ask your little one to give their crab a happy face.