5 ways to make a race track

You can’t remember where you left the living room floor. You’re pretty sure it’s here somewhere but all you can see is a blanket of abandoned vehicles. Making it across the room is a mad dash into a line of busy traffic. If you don’t get run down by a racing car, you’ll skid on a scooter. Meanwhile, your kids are telling you they’re bored already – they have no toys!

If this sounds familiar, you’ll love these 5 fun ways to play with toy cars – from 5-minute crafts that keep kids’ toys tidy to drawing activities that encourage children to sit down. We hope these simple ideas will entertain your kids while you’re busy racing around getting 100 jobs done.

1) THIS BOX ROCKS: A cardboard box for play and storing toys away.

What you’ll need: cardboard box, tape, pens / pencils

1. Help your child turn the box upside down and cut out some arches. Flip it back the other way.

2. Now your child can draw tracks on top of the box using paint and/or pens. Or create tracks with parcel tape.

3. Then they snip more tracks from paper to run under the arches.

4. The box is ready for racing: up, over, under and through! At the end of play, chuck all the toys into the box for an easy clean up.


2) TRACKS FROM SNACKS: Make a race track from a cereal box.

What you’ll need: cereal box, cardboard tubes, glue, scissors

What to do:

1. Help your child to cut the box in half. Then they stick the halves together lengthways to make a long track.
2. Now your child can prop up the track on something – books, another box or even some cardboard tubes.
3. And then they race their cars down it.

3) TWISTY TURNY TRACK: Create a crazy hand-drawn racing track!

What you’ll need: paper, pens /pencils

What to do:

1. Draw the beginning and end of a track on a piece of paper.
2. Ask your child to join the two ends by drawing a line – the crazier, the better!
3. Can they follow their track with their toy cars?

4) THE RACE OF HEARTS: Lay down cards to craft a quick and easy track.

What you’ll need: a pack of cards

What to do:

1. Ask your child to make a trail by laying cards face down.
2. Now they can zoom their cars along the track!

5) MYSTERY TUNNEL RACE: Use cardboard tubes for this surprise race game.

What you’ll need:  cardboard tubes (from wrapping paper or kitchen towel)

What to do:

1. Tell your child to have two toy cars and two tubes at the ready.
2. 3, 2, 1! They drop the cars down the tubes at the same time. Which car came out first?

A final thought – why do our kids travel at breakneck speed at home, but drag their feet as soon as we need to get somewhere? An idea – they can pretend to be a racing car next time we’re walking them to school or around the supermarket.

We hope your little one enjoys some of these activities and you manage to maybe (just maybe) get a little bit of me time!