5 ways to make blow paint pictures

Images and words: Sara Conway

Looking for a different idea to try with paints? Preschool-aged children will love this quick and easy idea. Spark kids’ imaginations by getting them to blow the paint and transform it into amazing art. All you need is paints and a paper straw.


  1. Help your child put some paint in the paint tray.
  2. Now they dip their paintbrush in the water and mix it into the paint. You want the paint to become slightly runnier.
  3. Now they drop a blob of colour onto the paper, pick up a straw and blow to move the paint around!
  4. They can experiment with different techniques, like blowing straight down on the paint (it will make a circle) or moving their head quickly from side-to-side to achieve a more splattered effect.
  5. They can also try blobbing a few colours together and blowing to get a multi-coloured effect.

They can use this technique to make all of the ideas below.

TIP! It’s best not to try with this with toddlers, in case they suck the straw instead of blowing! For a toddler-safe idea, give them yoghurt to blow (or smear) with the straw instead.

TIP! Smaller blobs of paint make less mess. But put down lots of newspaper as the paint might splatter.

1 Blow paint monsters: googly eyes bring these blow paintings to life!

You’ll need: paper, paint, a paintbrush, water, a paper straw, googly eyes

  1. Let your child blow the paint to move it around.
  2. When they’ve got some good gruesome shapes, they wait for them to dry. Then add googly eyes.

2 Blow paint mane: a unicorn gets a magical mane with this easy art trick

You’ll need: paint, a paintbrush, water, a paper straw, googly eyes, a pencil, a googly eye

  1. First, ask your child to draw and then paint the outline of a unicorn with no mane.
  2. Once that’s dry, they blob different colours of paint along the unicorn’s head.
  3. Then they blow the paint to create a wild, rainbow mane.

3 Hair-larious art! Blow painting creates a brilliant barnet

You’ll need: paint, a paintbrush, water, a paper straw, googly eyes, a pencil

  1. Your child draws a face (with no hair).
  2. Then they dot paint along the hair line.
  3. And then they blow to create a hair-raising ’do!

4 Fabulous fireworks: explosions of paint fill a night sky

You’ll need: black paper, paint, a paintbrush, water, a paper straw, glitter (optional)

  1. Your child dots paint around the paper and then blows to create colourful explosions. They can try different ways of blowing to create different effects.
  2. Then they sprinkle glitter onto the wet paint. Shake off the excess glitter once the paint is dry.

5 Feathery friend: let the paint fly to make this baby bird

You’ll need: paper, paint, orange paper, googly eyes

  1. Your child dots paint onto the paper and then blows straight down to create a round, fluffy effect.
  2. While it dries, they can snip a beak and feet from the orange paper.
  3. Finally, they stick the details on the bird and add googly eyes.