5 ways to make food fun for your child

Image: Getty | Words: Lucy Lucraft 

Stuck for ways to turn feeding time into a more enjoyable activity?

Here are some top tips to make food fun for your little one.

  1. Pick brightly coloured vegetables: Chop up things like broccoli, which comes with a nice stalk to hold, or carrots and plonk them on a tray in front of your baby. They’ll love exploring the bright colours and, hopefully, they’ll have a taste of them too.
  2. Cups and spoons rule: Along with finger food, add a few fun toys to the mix. Stackable cups and baby spoons are all great for banging and your baby will love making lots of noise!
  3. Twinning’s winning: Anything that saves time and effort is a winner, so why not introduce your baby to new tastes as you devour your own breakfast? Toast can be cut into finger slices, and you can both share a bowl of porridge.
  4. Two birds with one spoon: One of the best things about baby-led weaning is the fact you have your hands free. Use this time to empty the dishwasher, or catch up on emails, bills or scroll through Instagram!
  5. Listen to an audiobook: The combination of having some free time while your baby entertains themselves with finger food, and the motivation of some fresh mess is the perfect time to stick on your headphones and listen to an audiobook while vacuuming up the mess!