5 ways to play with slime

Slime, wonderful slime. Love it or loath, this kids’ toy is sticking around. So make the most of it, with these 5 easy ways for kids to play with slime.

1) Hidden in plain slime: Add a bit of mystery to a pot of slime.

What you’ll need: slime, a small toy or other objects

What to do:

1. Hide a toy or other small object in a ball of slime.

2. Give it to your child to pull open and see the surprise inside.

3. Now it’s their turn. What toy do they hide for you?

2) Slime moves: Get a cool new routine for playing with slime.

What you’ll need: slime

What to do:

1. Encourage your child to experiment with creative new slime moves.

2. They could braid the slime, alternate folding and poking or stretch it out thin, then fold and squeeze for some great popping sounds.

3) Goop monsters: get creative to turn slime into grotesque goop monsters!

What you’ll need: slime, googly eyes, water beads

What to do:

1. Encourage your child to make a slime monster by folding things into their slime.

2. Googly eyes and water beads are a good start to make a weird lumpy monster.

4) Sensory slime: play around with shapes and textures.

What you’ll need: slime, biscuit cutters, slotted spatula, colander

What to do:

1. Encourage your kids to explore different shapes and textures by pressing their slime into different kitchen objects.

2. Things like biscuit cutters, colanders, slotted spoons and spatulas work great.

5) Unicorn slime: jazz up your slime with all things shiny!

What you’ll need: slime, glitter, sequins

What to do:

1. Help your little one make their slime sparkle by adding glitter, sequins and anything shiny!

And if, somehow, you don’t have an abundance of slime scattered around the house, you can make your own before getting creative with it. Just visit  5-minute slime crafts for simple fun ideas.