5 ways to survive Christmas car journeys

For so many of us, Christmas means getting in the car for an 8-hour drive and trying not to kill each other.

If your journey is sapping your Christmas cheer, try these activities…

1) It’s a zoo in here! The journey feels like you’re trapped in a monkey enclosure, so why not turn your car into a zoo. Make different animal noises and get your toddler to guess them. Then it’s their turn. Invest in these car pets to make this game even better. They’re currently on offer, too!

2) Be silly Keep your toddler’s spirits up by making funny faces at them and hiding and playing peek-a-boo. If they’re facing backwards then sit next to them, or put in a mirror so you can still see them and they can see you.

3) Bring bubbles They cost next to nothing, provide hours of fun and you can blow them easily from the front of the car. If they’ve got an older sibling, even better – get them to do the bubble blowing for you.

4) Sing nursery rhymes When you’re prepping your playlist, include some songs for your toddler . Hearing Justin Fletcher singing The Wheels on the Bus for the 14th time might be hell, but it’s preferable to listening to your toddler scream with boredom.

5) Improvise You packed toys but your toddler’s bored of them, so look around for something new and exciting instead. A sandwich wrapper to crackle, a jacket to zip, keys to jangle – they should all buy a few minutes peace and quiet.