5 ways to survive Christmas with the kids

It’s Christmas Eve, and you’ve got everything under control, right? The kids are being the sweet, quiet cherubs they always are; the presents are all wrapped, complete with ribbon and beautiful handwritten name tags (using that cool new hipster handwriting font everyone’s doing), and the food is neatly stacked and labelled in the fridge, prepped and ready for the big day. You are a Pinterester’s dream…

But for those of you a bit behind schedule, here are a few mess and stress-free activities to keep your children busy (and you sane) whilst the last few hundred Christmas jobs get done. These quick ideas take 5 minutes and are suitable for kids aged 2-plus.

1) Peas on earth: Creative, sensory play makes a funny food feast!

What you’ll need: play clay

What you do:

1. Write out a mini Christmas menu with all the trimmings.
2. Ask your little one to create all the food items with their dough. Nom nom nom!

2) We squish you a merry Christmas: Craft pictures with paint, but totally mess-free!

What you’ll need: zip-lock bags, paint

What you do:

  1. Splodge some paint into the zip-lock bag and shut it tight.
  2. Ask your child to draw some festive pics over the bag, with their fingers! Mess-free and very merry indeed!

3) Let it show, let it show, let it show: A sensory box guessing game with a Christmas twist!

What you’ll need: a box (shoe, cereal, whatever), lots of random objects

How to make:

  1. Secretly fill the box with all the objects (a fluffy sock, a wooden spoon etc).
  2. Ask your little one to feel around inside the box and guess what’s in there!

And lastly, play HIBERNATING BEARS. It’s a lot like sleeping lions, but everyone stays asleep until spring. Yesss!

4) Driving home for Christmas: Make a simple indoor race track!

What you’ll need: masking tape, toy cars

How to make:

  1. Get your little one to stick down 2 rows of masking tape to create their very own indoor track…
  2. Chuck on some toy cars and vrooooom!

5) Here comes Santa Claus: Use the Christmas TV guide for this Santa search

What you’ll need: a TV guide

What you do:

Get your little one to see how many times they can find Santa inside.

1 to 3 = try again!

4 to 7 = nice work, but try again!

8+ = brilliant job… now do it again!