5 ways with a juice carton

1 Set sail: it’s easy to make this brilliant boat

You’ll need: a juice carton, a paper straw, coloured paper, a piece of tissue paper and tape

Tip! Pop a bit of tape over the hole so any juice left inside can’t escape.

  1. Cut a hole in the juice carton to pop the sail into later.
  2. Now ask your child to cover the box with coloured paper. It’s like wrapping a present. Make a hole through the paper now, too, and push in the straw.
  3. Now your child can cut and stick details from coloured paper – we added spots and stars.
  4. Finally, they cut a sail and push it onto the straw.


2 Juice-icorn! A magical way to reuse a family size carton.

You’ll need: a big juice carton, coloured card and paper, white paper, tissue paper, colouring pencils or crayons

  1. First, your child covers the carton in white paper.
  2. Now they roll a cone (horn) from coloured paper and decorate it. Then they tape it to the top.
  3. Cut strips of tissue paper to add a rainbow mane.
  4. Finally, they draw the finishing touches – nostrils and big beautiful eyes.


3 Under the sea friend: there’s a juice box inside this mermazing make!

You’ll need: a juice box, coloured paper, googly eyes

  1. First your child covers the box in skin-coloured paper.
  2. Now they snip the coloured paper to add hair, clothes and a big long tail.
  3. Googly eyes and a smile complete their creation.


4 Juice box chick: not just for Easter!

You’ll need: a juice box, yellow paper, orange paper, googly eyes

  1. Ask your child to cover the box with the yellow paper.
  2. Then they can snip an orange beak and wings and glue them onto the box.
  3. Finally, they add googly eyes.

Cheep, cheep!


5 My family home: they can turn a juice carton into their house!

You’ll need: a juice carton, white paper, crayons

  1. Help them to cover the carton in white paper.
  2. Now your kids can draw the details: a roof, windows, door, their face waving in the window!