Take one old sock for these 5 easy crafts

Your kids have grown. Again. But don’t give their old socks away. You can use them for these 5 minute crafts, which include sock animals, sock puppets and an easy game. 

All of the ideas use old socks, plus a few craft materials you’re likely to have at home. Meaning they’ll keep kids aged 2-plus busy – for FREE! While you buy them a whole new wardrobe. 

1) Simple sock puppet: an easy way to make an old favourite

What you’ll need: a sock, pink pompom, black pompom, googly eyes, scissors, glue

What to do: swipe for easy step-by-step instructions…

1. Snip the end off the sock, and cut two ear (leaf) shapes. Then make two small holes in the sock to poke the ears into.

2. Now, your child can glue on a pompom tongue and nose.

3. And finish with googly eyes!


2) Socktopus: fun under the sea

What you’ll need: a sock, elastic band, cotton balls, colouring pens, scissors

What to do:

1. First, your child stuffs the tip of a sock with cotton wool balls.
2. Now they tie an elastic band around the sock, just under where the cotton balls are.
3. Help them to cut the end of the sock into 8 strips to give the Socktopus 8 long tentacles (you’ll need to use sharp scissors for this).
4. Now your child can finish it off: glue on googly eyes, and draw a smile and cool suckers on each tentacle.

3) Gone fishing! They turn socks into fish while you relax

What you’ll need: socks, elastic bands, cotton balls, googly eyes, glue, sharp scissors (for grown-ups to use), felt tip

What to do:

1. First, your child fills a sock with cotton balls. Then, they secure the end with an elastic band.
2. Now, they can squish the sock down and shape the it into a fish-like shape.
3. Snip the end off the sock to give the fish a tail (you’ll need to use sharp scissors).
4. Now, your child can finish their fish by drawing a mouth and adding googly eyes.
5. Repeat. The more fish the merrier! The kids may want to make an entire school of fish. Although make sure they have some socks left for, you know, actual school.

4) Llamazing! Create a llama sock puppet pal!

What you’ll need: spare sock, fabric glue, coloured felt, a pencil, scissors

What to do:

1. Draw these shapes on coloured felt with pencil so your child can then cut them out.
2. Now they can use fabric glue to stick them all to the sock.

5) Sock it to me: make a fun game to play

What you’ll need: old socks, paper plates, felt tips

What to do:

1. Grab a collection of old socks and roll them into balls.
2. Help your child to number some paper plates – about 5 works well.
3. Lay out the plates with 1 closest to you and 5 furthest away.
4. Take it in turns to throw the sock balls onto the plates. Add up your scores. This could get competitive…!