5 childrens’ games to play with building blocks

1 Matching blocks: This 3D matching game is suitable for kids of all ages.

You’ll need: building blocks, pictures from magazines and glue (or stickers)

What to do: Help your child choose what to match. Little kids could match animals. Bigger kids could try numbers and objects. Then, get your kids to find pictures to stick to their bricks. Mix them up so they can match them.

2 Quick brick challenge: Speedy creations to test your child’s creativity.

You’ll need: building blocks (like LEGO)

What to do: Give your child a challenge to complete with their bricks. If you like, you can give them a time limit. The aim is to just build their creation as quickly as they can, using their imagination.

Here are 5 challenges to get you started:

  • Build something beginning with S
  • Pretend you’re a chef, what have you cooked?
  • Create a garden
  • Make something you see in summer
  • Build something you see in the sky

3 Make a face: Kids will love making silly faces with different combinations of eyes and mouths.

You’ll need: building blocks, paper, pens and glue (or stickers)

What to do:

  1. Get your kids to doodle different sets of eyes and mouths to fit on their bricks. Or use stickers – we found some in Hey Duggee magazine. Hobbycraft also sell rolls of eyes and mouths.
  2. Get your kids to stick the eyes and mouths on separate bricks. (It’s good to stick the eyes to the bottom of the brick and the mouths to the top).
  3. Now they can have fun creating different characters with different combinations of bricks.

Word building: Help your child learn phonics with LEGO

You’ll need: Paper and glue (or sticky labels), pen, building bricks

What to do: Cut and stick paper (or sticky labels) to the bricks. Then write a letter on each brick. The first letter sounds your child learns in phonics are s, a, t, p, i and n. Then they learn m, d, g, o, c, k and ck.

Now challenge your child to use the bricks to build 3 letter words. Depending on how confident they feel, you could get them to copy and sound out a word you’ve written. Give them the part of a word and ask them to find the missing sound (e.g., leave out the a in cat). Or they could sound out and build the whole world.

5 Painting with blocks: Building blocks and paint make cool patterns (and the blocks are easy to wipe clean).

You’ll need: Paint, paper and building blocks

What to do: Put the paint on a plate so your child can dip and print. Simple!