5 ways with cereal boxes

Images and words: Sara Conway

1 Racing car: a flash set of wheels for teddy

You’ll need: a cereal box, coloured paper, tape and scissors

  1. Help your child to cut a rectangle down from the open end of the box, about the width of teddy so you can sit him in the car.
  2. Use the piece you removed to patch the space behind teddy – stick it with tape.
  3. Now your child can cover the whole box with paper (we chose racing car red!)
  4. Then they cut and stick the details – black circle wheels, yellow circle headlights – and tape them on.
  5. For the finishing touches, they write a number plate, and cut a steering wheel from black card.

2 Funny monster: you don’t have to wait until the cereal’s finished

You’ll need: a box of cereal, coloured paper, tape and scissors

  1. First, your child covers the box with paper. (If there’s still cereal left, whip the bag out at this stage, but tell them not to cover the top of the box so you can slip it back in later!)
  2. Now, they make the face by layering paper. Cut a big circle for the mouth and then stick on a red tongue and white pointy teeth. For the eyes, they layer white, blue and black circles. That’s it!

3 Hey Duggee playset: a fun make for CBeebies fans!

You’ll need: a mini box of cereal, red paper or paint, orange card, scissors, tape, a pack of Hey Duggee stickers 

  1. First, help your child to cut the front off the cereal box. You’ll want to keep the back and sides.
  2. Now, ask your child to turn it into Duggee’s clubhouse by painting the box red, or covering it in red paper.
  3. Help them to cut an orange strip for the roof with wavy lines along one side.
  4. Now your child can decorate the clubhouse with their stickers. They can turn some of the stickers into characters to play with and move around by adding them to folded pieces of card (we used the piece of cereal box that we cut off earlier).


4 DIY jigsaw: for kids who love puzzles

You’ll need: a cereal box, glue, scissors, a picture from a magazine

  1. Ask your child to cut out a big picture they like out of the magazine.
  2. Then help the to cut one side off the cereal box.
  3. Now they put glue all over the back of the picture.
  4. Then they press it down onto the piece of cereal box.
  5. Once it’s dry, they trim the box so it fits the picture, and then they cut the picture into shapes.

5 Tremendous trunk! Transform a cereal box into an elephant

You’ll need: a cereal box, coloured paper (grey, pale pink or pale blue looks good but you can use any colour), plus tape, scissors and a black pen

  1. Ask your child to cover the cereal box with the paper.
  2. Then, they cut out two great big flappy ears and a trunk, and stick them on.
  3. Now, they draw on eyes and a smile!