5 ways with paper

Written by Becky Lord

All the best things come in paper. You know, like presents and magazines and, er, chips. And that means there’s usually some of it lying around the house.

It’s perfect for when your kids want to do something crafty but you just want 5 minute’s peace. All the fun, with zero paint and glitter spillages… er, yes please!

Which is why we’ve put together 5 NEW paper craft ideas that kids aged 3-plus will love. And, because they’re by 5 Minute Fun they’re super-simple, so your kids can just get on with them by themselves.

1) Ding ding! Collage a shape bus

What you’ll need: coloured paper, scissors, glue and magazines or stickers (for the passengers)

What to do:

1. First, your child cuts a big square from red paper.
2. Then they cut square windows and round wheels from black paper.
3. Next, they assemble their bus.
4. Finally, they add people in the windows by cutting characters from magazines or adding stickers.

2) Puppy pal: craft a woofsome bookmark!

What you’ll need: white paper, brown paper, black and pink felt-tips, scissors, glue

What to do:

1. Help your child to cut a long rectangle with a rounded top.
2. Now they can stick on brown ears and a patch. Then add brown paws, making sure to stick the flat edge of the paws only so they can slot over a book page.
3. Finally, have them draw on a face in black pen, and a pink tongue!

3) Cute cupcakes: scrunch some tasty treats

What you’ll need: coloured tissue paper, paper cups (or cupcake cases), scissors, glue

What to do:

1. Trim the paper cups to cupcake size (or just use cupcake cases if you have them).
2. Your child can scrunch up tissue paper to make the cakes, and stick them to the cups. Then, add a little paper ball cherry on top!

4) Jolly jellyfish: create an ocean animal!

What you’ll need: pink paper, colourful tissue paper, black pen, scissors, glue and foil (if you have it)

What to do:

1. First, cut a semi-circle from the pink paper.
2. Now they draw some eyes and a smile. If you have foil, they can jazz it up with some shiny strips.
3. Finally, they can glue on strips of tentacles made of tissue paper! Tip: put the glue on the card, not the tissue paper strips.

5) Lava explosion: make a paper volcano!

What you’ll need: card, colourful tissue paper (including brown), glue and scissors

What to do:

1. Fold a cone shape from card and stick it together. Then snip the top off.
2. Now your child can stick brown tissue around the cone. Then they glue on strips of tissue paper lava!
3. Pop the volcano on green card, so the lava spills over the edge. Decorate with tissue paper rocks and shrubs!

Have fun with these paper projects. While they’re snipping and sticking, you can  give yourself a little present… like reading a magazine for 5 minutes. Or eating chips??