5 ways with ribbons

Images and words: Sara Conway 

1 Over the rainbow: a magical 3D collage

 You’ll need: blue paper, card, different coloured ribbons, glue, cotton wool

  1. Help your child cut a strip of card to arch across the blue paper (sky).
  2. They cover it in glue and then lay the ribbons across it so it’s covered completely.
  3. Help trim the ribbon and card to make it neat.
  4. Arch the rainbow across the page and then add cotton wool clouds.

2 The Lion King: ribbons make a majestic mane

 You’ll need: orange ribbon, orange card, a pen, googly eyes

  1. Help your child cut a circle and a sloping triangle (the lion’s body) out of the orange card.
  2. Now they take an orange ribbon, make loops with it and tape them to one side of the circle.
  3. Then they can draw a face and add googly eyes to the other side.
  4. Finally, they stick the head to the body and add a ribbon tail.

3 Stick people: if they’re a fan of Hey Duggee’s stick episode, they’ll love this!

You’ll need: sticks, ribbons, googly eyes, glue

  1. Pop googly eyes on the sticks.
  2. Now wrap ribbons to make clothing. Simple!

4 Flip flop: and we don’t stop!

You’ll need: a pair of feet, paint, ribbon

  1. First your child makes a footprint on coloured paper.
  2. Once dry, snip around it in the shape of a flip flop.
  3. Now they stick two ribbons in a V to make the straps.

5 Ready, steady, race! tape ribbon to the floor to make a racetrack for toy cars to zoom along.