5 ways with tin foil

Words Images: Sara Conway

1 Tin foil rocket: it’s the classic advert make!

You’ll need: empty washing-up bottle (any brand will do!), tin foil, coloured paper, glue.

  1. Your child covers the washing-up bottle with foil. We let the nozzle show to add some colour to the tip of the rocket.
  2. Now your child cuts and sticks paper windows, flames and fins.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1 minutes of easy fun!

2 Tin foil painting: a shiny canvas makes painting magical!

You’ll need: tin foil, paint, paintbrush.

  1. Cover a chopping board or flat piece of cardboard with a sheet of foil. It’s best if you do this instead of them, as you want it to stay straight and smooth.
  2. Now you let your kids loose on it with paint. They could try painting a rainbow, underwater scene, space picture or something else!

3 Tin foil robot: let your kids raid the recycling to create a robot pal.

You’ll need: two cardboard boxes, two yogurt pots, a cardboard tube (cut in half lengthways), coloured paper, scissors, glue, googly eyes, a black pen (or use whatever you can find in the recycling and just use this as a guide).

  1. Your child covers the boxes, yogurt pots and cardboard tube in tin foil and then glues them all together to create a robot’s body, head, legs and arms.
  2. Now they draw and cut details from coloured paper, like a control board and buttons.
  3. Once the glue’s dry and the body is secure, they glue on the details and googly eyes, and draw a funny robot mouth.


4 Tin foil fairy wand: challenge your kids to make a magical wand for casting spells with…

You’ll need: cardboard, tin foil and glue.

  1. First your child makes the handle for the wand by cutting a strip of the cardboard and wrapping it a few times in foil.
  2. Now they draw and snip a star from the cardboard and cover that in foil, too.
  3. Finally, they glue the star to the wand.

Now what spells can they think of? We’ve got one… alakazam, you will fly off and tidy your room!

5 Tin foil fish: a fuss-free ‘pet’!

You’ll need: cardboard, tin foil, plastic knife, paint

  1. Get your kids to glue a sheet of tin foil to the cardboard.
  2. Flip it over to the card side and ask them to draw a fish shape and snip it out.
  3. Flip it back over to the foil side. Now they use the plastic knife to press on the foil and draw details, like an eye, fins and scales.
  4. Finally, they paint the foil a fishy colour.