5 weatherproof activities

These 5 fun activities will have your kids wishing for bad weather

You wake up and see rain lashing against the windows. You think “Woohoo! Duvet day. Get out the packets of biscuits and bring on a Game of Thrones marathon…”

And then you remember you have kids. #Blessed #Byebyelife

When you’ve got kids, you have to step outside whatever the weather. And it doesn’t matter if it’s January or June, you might be dealing with rain, gales, hail – even snow.

These 5 weatherproof games are perfect for turning miserable days around…

1) Let’s go fly a kite! Classic windy day fun.

What you’ll need: a kite to fly!

Don’t have one? Follow these easy steps to make one…

Craft supplies: large bin bag (or use a patterned waterproof tablecloth), 3 kebab sticks, 3 long straws (we used craft straws), string or wool (at least 2 metres), plus 2 x 30cm length of wool, ribbons, a lollipop stick and scissors

1. Help your child to snip the bin bag or tablecloth into a diamond shape. Ours measures 55cm long by 40cm wide.

2. Put a wooden skewer inside each straw to make them sturdy, then help your child to staple them to the diamond in a cross (two for the length, one for the width).

3. Now, they can loop the 2-metre length of wool around the centre of the cross lots of times to make it secure. And loop the other end around the lollipop stick.

4. Help them tie a 30cm length of wool to the right and left corners of the kite. Then tie the ends around the middle straw (about 30cm down from the middle).

5. Then help them staple ribbons to the bottom of the kite.

6. Finally, they can draw a picture to stick to the front of the kite, if they want to. And glue it on.

Now, you’re ready to fly!

Picture credit: Thank you to Girl Talk Art magazine

2) Minibeast mayhem: set off on a rainy day bug hunt!

What to do:

Pull on some waterproof coats and boots, then set off outside and give your children a challenge to find different insects. Inspect the ground or branches, roll over a small log or lift up a stone and see what they can both spot!

3) Toy story Take bath pals outside.

What you’ll need: Bath toys that you don’t mind getting a little bit dirty
What to do: Take the toys outside and find a puddle for them to splash, bob and play around in. Who needs bath time when there’s showers outdoors!

4) Make a splash: let kids jump in puddles!

What to do:

Did it rain? Brilliant! Find your child’s wellies, head outdoors and let them jump around together in muddy puddles! Change it up by holding hands and hopping, or doing star jumps!

5) Stick in the mud: just let them play 

What to do:

Let muddy ground become their playground. They can build mud pies or play footprint tag. It’s tag as you normally play it, but only stepping in each other’s footprints! Have your child wear old clothes and accept they’re going to be dirty – but happy.

Now that you’ve successfully made the most of the rubbish weather, reward yourself with a well-earned cup of tea – and biscuits! Now you can legitimately hide under a duvet and watch Netflix – although you might have to watch PAW Patrol instead of Game of Thrones.

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