5 bad weather outdoor activities!

When you’ve got kids, you have to step outside whatever the weather. And it doesn’t matter if it’s January or June, you might be dealing with rain, gales, hail – even snow.

These 5 games are perfect for turning miserable days around, whatever the weather!

1) Minibeast mayhem: set off on a rainy day bug hunt!

Rain brings different mini beasts out of hiding. Pull on some waterproof coats and boots, then set off outside and give your children a challenge to find worms, slugs and more. Inspect the ground or branches, roll over a small log or lift up a stone and see what they can spot!

2) Toy story Take bath pals outside.

What you’ll need: Bath toys that you don’t mind getting a little bit dirty

Take the toys outside and find a puddle for them to splash, bob and play around in. Who needs bath time when there’s showers outdoors!

3) Make a splash: jump in puddles!

Did it rain? Brilliant! Find your child’s wellies, head outdoors and let them jump around together in muddy puddles. Give them challenges like holding hands, hopping or doing star jumps.

4) Mud pies: just don’t eat them!

Take bowls and wooden spoons outside so they can mix up a muddy treat. Top with flowers, leaves or pebbles.

5) Rally car track: take toy cars outside

Let muddy ground become a rat track for toy cars. When they’re done, take them to the car wash!