5 whizzpopping Roald Dahl activities

Written by Megan Reece

Everyone LOVES a Roald Dahl book. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Matilda, The BFG, James and the Giant Peach, George’s Marvellous Medicine – you name it. No one can resist these stories that send you into a world that’s just – what’s the word? – whoopsy whiffling! That take you back to being a kid, forgetting all the grown-upness you’ve been doing, for a little while at least.

We’ve had so much fun creating these activities and crafts inspired by Dahl’s best books to celebrate Roald Dahl Day. We guarantee they’ll keep your kids busy and give you 5 minute’s peace (although, this time, you might want to join in, too!)

1) Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: whizzpopping Wonka Bar bites

You will need: 1 large bar of milk chocolate, popcorn, dried fruit, nuts or seeds, sprinkles, popping candy (optional), baking tray or loaf tin

1. Line the baking tray or loaf tin with baking paper.
2. Break up the chocolate into smaller chunks and place into a microwavable bowl. Blast for 15 seconds, stir and then repeat until it melts.
2. Now, your children can add the other ingredients. Stir in a handful of popcorn, a handful of dried fruit and a pinch of nuts and seeds.
3. Transfer the mixture to the baking tray or loaf tin and spread out.
4. Sprinkle a little more popcorn, sprinkles and popping candy, if you’re using it, over the top.
5. Pop in the freezer to freeze for 1 hour.
6. Once solid, take out of the freezer and chop your chocolate creation into individual Wonka Bar bites.

2) The BFG: little ones can make up their own gobblefunk language using this word generator!

3) George’s Marvellous Medicine:
Make a magical potion using things from around the house!

Challenge them to find this list of intriguing ingredients…

  • Something pretty
  • Something icky
  • Something sparkly
  • Something stretchy
  • Something colourful
  • Something cold
  • Something fuzzy
  • Something leafy
  • Something rubbery
  • Something tasty
  • Something wobbly

Have your little one name their potions and think of what the potions do. Does it turn you into a flower? Make you into a wiggly worm? Magic you to a far away place… like a beach with a G&T!

4) Matilda: Kids can scare the Trunchbull in their life with this fun newt make from the Roald Dahl Company!

You’ll need: newt template, glue, scissors, stickers, sequins, coloured paper or card, pipe cleaners (if you have them!), googly eyes

1. Help your little one to cut along the solid lines on your template to make the newt’s body.
2. Decorate the newt’s body with lots of circles or patterns using coloured card or stickers.
3. Fold the newt’s body along the dotted lines (the middle crease and two side folds).
4. Help them cut along the newt’s spine, cutting along the middle crease up to the side folds.
5. Glue the two side folds together.
6. Using the coloured card, get creative with the head and legs of the newt! Cut out a head shape out of the card and use pipe cleaners to make some wiggly legs for it, if you have them.
7. Add the googly eyes and finish with some sparkly sequins!

5) The Twits: Make the magnificent Roly-Poly bird

You’ll need: glue, peg, feathers/leaves, paintbrush, card/paper, scissors, googly eyes

1. Have your child pick a bright colour paint and paint the peg. Then leave to dry.
2. In the meantime, have your child cut out a small beak shape from card or paper.
3. Once the peg is dry, let them stick the beak to top bit of the peg.
4. Stick on the googly eyes and finish with some colourful feathers.

There you have it – your own Roly-Poly bird to fly away with!

Have a great Roald Dahl Day!