5 Wimbledon inspired activities

Sudden downpours of rain? Strawberry sales going through the roof? Tempted to sign up for family tennis lessons? It must be Wimbledon time!

Here’s 5 ideas to keep kids aged 2-plus busy while you get to watch a bit of the action. The best part is, they’re not even weather dependent. Hooray!

1) Balloon tennis Who needs fancy equipment?

What you’ll need: sturdy cardboard (e.g. from a shoebox), 2 toilet roll tubes, glue, balloon

What to do:

1. Help your kids to make 2 rackets. Cut out two oval shapes from the cardboard (the rackets) then make slits in the top of the toilet roll tubes. These will be the handles.
2. Help your little one to glue the cardboard oval into the slits made in the tube. Repeat for the second racket.
3. Blow up a balloon and have fun rallying it between yourselves!

2) Ball boys and girls Make some puppet pals from tennis balls

What you’ll need: tennis ball, googly eyes, craft glue, felt tips

What to do:

1. Ask your little one to glue googly eyes onto the tennis ball.
2. Let your child give their tennis ball puppet hair and a face using felt tips. They could make theirs like an emoji, an animal or one of The Muppets!

3) Strawberries and cream (sort of) A healthy but tasty version of the Wimbledon staple

What you’ll need: dried strawberries, yogurt, baking tray, baking paper

What to do:

1. Line a baking tray with baking paper. Spread yogurt evenly on the paper, but not too thin.
2. Ask your child to help you sprinkle the dried strawberries on top.
3. Put in the freezer for a few hours until completely frozen.
4. Remove from the pan and peel off the baking paper. Break into pieces and enjoy this healthy and yummy snack!

Store in the freezer.

4) Ball biscuits Perfect for a rainy day!

What you’ll need: rich tea biscuits, green food colouring, icing sugar, lemon juice

What to do:

1. Mix 100g of icing sugar with 4 teaspoons of water and a drop of green food colouring.
2. Ask your little one to cover the biscuits with green icing. Leave to set.
3. Mix 100g of icing sugar with 4 teaspoons of lemon juice.
4. Help your child make the tennis ball lines on the biscuit with the lemon icing.

 5) Catching challenge How many can your little one master?

What you’ll need: just a tennis ball!

What to do:

1. Can they catch a tennis ball:

-with both hands

-with one hand

-standing on one leg

-bouncing off the floor

-after throwing the ball into the air and clapping

Can they make up a catching challenge for you?