5 winter crafts to keep the kids happy

These easy peasy crafts use stuff you’ve got lying around the house!

Have your kids been cooped up all day complaining that they’re bored? That the iPad, the TV, the games console, and their many, many toys just won’t do? “Are you not entertained?” you want to scream, à la Russell Crowe in Gladiator (different circumstances, similar level of miffed).

If so, these wonderful winter crafts are designed especially for you. Yes, that’s right. YOU!

Show your kids how to enjoy 5 minutes of fun with just an egg carton, a paper cup, a lolly stick, a wooden spoon and paper plate. Once you’ve set them up with what they need, they’ll be able to do these easy activities by themselves. Toddlers and preschoolers will love seeing how an egg carton can turn into a feathered friend with just a lick of paint!

1) P-P-PICK UP A PENGUIN: Make some easy egg carton penguins!

What you’ll need: egg carton, black paint, white and orange paper, googly eyes, glue

1. Trim a “cup” out of your egg carton.

2. Ask your little one to paint your egg cup black and leave it to dry.

3. Then snip out a beak and feet from orange paper and a cute belly from the white paper.

4. Now, help your little one stick the white belly onto the front of the egg cup, stick on the beak, eyes, then fold the feet and glue them to the inside of the egg cup.

Photo and craft by Sarah Wills

2) DO YOU WANNA BUILD A SNOWMAN? Transform cups into these snowmen…

What you’ll need: paper cup, felt, pom poms, pipe cleaners, felt tip, glue

What you do:

1. Help your kids to cut out a scarf and nose from the felt.
2. Turn the cup upside down, and help your little one wrap the scarf around it and stick, along with the nose!
3. Now, they can draw on the eyes with a felt tip pen.
4. Finally, they stick a pom pom to each side of the pipe cleaner to make ear muffs and stick to the top of the paper cup!

 Photo and craft by Natasha Thompson

3) LET IT SNOW: This snowflake decoration is perfect to hang!

What you’ll need: lolly sticks, paint, glue, glitter, ribbon

What you do:

1. Help your child to stick three lolly sticks into the shape of a snowflake and leave to dry.
2. Ask your little one to paint the sticks with white paint, then sprinkle glitter all over the snowflake while the paint is still wet! They can add sequins, too.
3. Once the snowflakes are dry, use the glue to stick a loop of ribbon to the back.

4) RUN, RUN, RUDOLPH! Make a cool reindeer plate with your little one.

What you’ll need: paint, paper plates, googly eyes, thin card, felt tip

What you do:

1. Help your child to cut around the edge of a paper plate to make a smaller circle. Then they stick it at the bottom of another paper plate to make the reindeer’s snout.
2. Now they draw around their hands on the thin card. Then they can snip out the shapes and stick to the back of the big paper plate to make antlers.
3. Then they cut out some ears from the thin card and stick them on!
4. Finally, they paint all the shapes and plates brown, stick on googly eyes and the red pom pom nose. Finally, they draw a big smile to finish their reindeer!

5) FROSTY THE SNOWSPOON? Turn your wooden spoon into a snowman!

What you’ll need: wooden spoon, paint, felt tip, felt, googly eyes

What you do:

1. Ask your child to paint the wooden spoon with white paint.
2. Carefully cut out a nose, hat and scarf from your felt. When the paint is dry help your little one to stick them to the spoon.
3. Can your little one think of some other faces they could paint onto a wooden spoon?

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