It feels good to write the word ‘super-heroine’. 

But we did have to check it was a word, which says a LOT about the number of super-heroine films in the world (not many). That’s why we’re going all-out Wonder Woman this week with these 5 games.

Wonder Mum! Get them to make cards for the ‘Wonder Women’ in their life, telling them why they’re a super-heroine. It might be you (natch), a sister or someone from their school – spread the love!

Wonder Costume… What you’ll need to transform your little ones into super-heroines: two wrist-sized cardboard tubes painted gold (or yellow). A gold headband with a star coloured on the front. A (non-breakable) pan lid shield. Now they’re ready to go and be super!

Wonder Rescue: There’s a teddy in trouble! (He’s been hidden somewhere hard to reach, like under the sofa…) Tell the kids to find ted and work out how to rescue him or her.

Wonder Snack: Star-shaped cutters will make ordinary cheese sandwiches into lunch, Wonder Woman-style!  

Wonder Trouble… You’re a villainous super-enemy, who’s set a trap across the living room. Can your little one beat your obstacle course? There are lots of ways to build a safe, cushioned obstacle course around your home or garden, but here are two tricks we like: Tie string or ribbon across a room and challenge your super-heroine to get under it without touching it. Was that no problem at all for Wonder Woman? See if they can conquer coloured paper stepping-stones placed on the floor – can they walk to the other side of the room without wobbling off?  

Don’t forget to us know how you got on with these games – find us @5minutefun across social media!