50+ arts and craft ideas

Activities that will make you want to make a mess!

It doesn’t matter what they’re doing, children make a mess. In a typical afternoon, cupboards are emptied, bags tipped upside down, and a trail of rice cake crumbs trodden into the floor. So, get the soft furnishings covered and newspaper down: here are 50 art and craft ideas to inspire you and your little artist, and at least you’ll have something to stick proudly on the fridge at the end of it.

Great ways to paint

Because nothing beats watching a child turn a beautiful palette of colours into a big brown mess.

1-5 – Fingers at the ready!

Kids can handprint their way to artistic greatness!

6-10 – Or are you bored of using paint?

Try these 5 arty ways to use shaving foam instead.

11-15 – No brush, no problem!

There are many ways for kids to make their mark.

 Channel your inner Blue Peter presenter

These crafts, using old packaging, are traditional and fun.

16-20 – Don’t put cereal boxes into the recycling bin!

Make some fun makes instead!

21-25 – Bored fusilli?

These art ideas don’t cost a pretty penne! (Sorry, not sorry, for the terrible pasta pun)

26-30 – Have an underwater adventure

Dive into the ocean with these ocean-inspired crafts!

Looking for something a bit different?

Alternative crafts to suit every mood…!

31 – Unleash their inner Picasso

This simple activity teaches parts of the face too!

32-36 – Get happy!

Feeling blue? These happy crafts are sure to turn that frown upside down! 

37-41 – Got a racer in the midst?

Make a race track together using one (or all) of these ideas.

42-46 – 5 Monster crafts – perfect for your little monsters

The best part is you can let them do most of it on their own.

47-51 – Tired of explaining why they can’t have a lion as a pet?

Make one or any of these other cute creatures instead.

52-56 – 3 Totally cool cork crafts

We LOVE these ideas from CBeebies!

57 – Let them create art you might actually want to hang up

All you need is paper and some trusty felt tips – thanks Mess for Less!

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