5 ways with stickers

Image and words: Sara Conway

1) Stick puppets: stickers and lolly sticks create a world of play.

You’ll need: stickers and ice-lolly sticks, plus Play-Doh and coloured paper (optional)

Ask your child to choose sticker characters to add to the lolly sticks. We found dinosaurs in Andy’s Dinosaur Adventures magazine. Then, your child can play with the stickers. They might also like to create a world for them by snipping paper. We made a dinosaur world and stuck the sticks in Play-Doh to stand them up!

2) Make a mosaic: combine two great loves – sticking and colouring!

What you’ll need: colourful shape stickers, a black and white colouring picture

Your child colours the picture by sticking colourful shapes on the white areas between the lines (instead of using crayons). Older children can also rip the stickers to fit. No picture to colour? Ask them to create a pattern using the stickers instead.

3) Give teddy a gold star: well done teddy!

If your kids love roleplay as much as ours, then they’ll love giving their teddies Well Done stickers! We often find our kids telling off teddy for being naughty (and using all the same phrases we trot out to them!).

4) DIY stickers: to keep them busy!

Just give your child sticky labels to draw on, and voilà – their very own stickers! They could doodle animals, space stickers or gold stars to give to people.

5) Counting with stickers: Stick and learn!

Make counting fun with stickers! You could ask your child to stick the right number of animals into pens (squares) you’ve drawn, or give them black paper and ask them to stick a certain number of stars in the sky.