7 easy Halloween crafts

Want to keep your little terrors quiet for 5 minutes? These Halloween craft ideas are perfect! From hand printing to sticking and snipping, there’s a craft idea to suit every child under 5.

1) Twirling ghosts: this cute decoration couldn’t be simpler

You’ll need: paper, a black crayon or pen, scissors, tape, string

1. Ask your child to draw a spiral shape on white paper (it should look like a snail!) and draw a face on the end of it.

2. Now they snip it out.

3. Next they tape some string to the top.

4. Now you hang it up!


2) Monsters in the dark: so simple and fun

 You’ll need: Black paper and googly eyes

Just give your child black paper to fill with googly eyes. Can they tell you who’s hiding in the dark?

3) Little ghost: a fun way to reuse an old yoghurt pot

 You’ll need: a white yoghurt pot, googly eyes and a black pen

Simply peel the label off the pot. Then give it to your child to add the face. Bootiful!

4) Frankenstein feet: trick or treat, smell my feet!

 You’ll need: a foot, plus green and black paint and googly eyes

1. Help your child paint the sole of their foot green and their toes black.
2. Then they print!
3. They can add monstrous details, like an eye, grin, bolt and scar. Raar!

5) Loo roll bat: really simple and effective

 You’ll need: a cardboard loo roll, googly eyes, black paint, black paper, glue

1. Ask your child to fold in the top of the cardboard roll to make ears.
2. Now they paint it black (if you’re not keen on black paint they can wrap it in black paper instead).
3. Then they draw and snip out wings from black paper.
4. When the paint’s dry, they can add the wings and googly eyes.

6) Blow paint monster: a fun painting idea

 You’ll need: paint, paper, a straw, googly eyes

1. Give your child some paint to splodge on the page.
2. Then they blow it with the straw. It works best if they move the straw around quickly as they blow.
3. Then they add googly eyes. They can cut a mouth from black paper too.

7) Haunted hand: kids will love this fiendish idea

You’ll need: a hand plus white paint, paper, googly eyes and a black pen

1. Give your child white paint to cover their hand with.
2. Then they print lots of times.
3. Finally, they turn the prints into ghosts with googly eyes and a black pen.