7 Kick-ass Heroines

I’d love to be an inspiration to my children. Maybe when they’re older they’ll appreciate the magic I perform every day raising them, earning money, serving nutritious meals, sorting out the mysterious damp patch in the living room. But, right now, they just view me as Mum. And that’s OK.

So, for now, I’ve picked 7 awesome heroines to inspire my kids instead. They can perform the kind of magic that impresses kids – the sort that comes from having a wand, not a massive to do list.

 If you’d like to inspire greatness in your kids, look no further. There’s an activity to try inspired by each character to keep your little girls and boys busy, so you can carry on with that to-do list – alakazam!

1) Hermione Granger (JK Rowling): fiercely loyal, brave, bright and a talented witch.

There are so many reasons to love Hermione. Challenge your child to make a wand using a twig and glitter, so they can cast spells. They might just save your life, like Hermione saved Harry’s many times.

 2) Matilda (Roald Dahl): an outspoken genius with added cool because she can move things with her mind!

Set your child the task of concentrating really hard on something to see if they can lift it with their eyes. Possibly they won’t be able to. But imagine if they could!

 3) Merida (Disney’s Brave): a breath of fresh air among Disney princesses, Merida is tomboyish, athletic and a mean shot with a bow and arrow.

Draw a target on the floor outside with chalk, and have your kids run past and aim at it with sponges or wet cloths.

 4) Tracy Beaker (Jacqueline Wilson): a mischievous fighter who never gives up, no matter how tough life gets.

Tracy keeps a diary of her life that’s full of funny illustrations. Give your child their own special notepad to start a diary, either by writing or drawing pictures about their day.

 5) Moana (Disney’s Moana): so resourceful she manages to make the ocean talk to her and track down a demi-god, all while introducing kids to a new culture.

Celebrate by trying these shell crafts, which include a Moana-inspired necklace.

 6) Alice in Wonderland (Lewis Carroll): whether she’s taking tea with the Mad Hatter, growing into a giant or fighting an evil queen, Alice takes it all in her stride.

Inspire kids to create their own magical wonderland by putting coloured squash into bottles and labelling them: Drink me. Or eat dinner wearing mad hats!

7) Rey (Star Wars): Rey is fast, brave and unbeatable with a lightsaber.

Give your child a long cardboard tube from a roll of kitchen paper or wrapping paper and let battle commence!