85 ideas for the Easter holiday

Easter activities

The two-week Easter school holiday is here! Yes, it did feel like they’ve only been back at school for 5 minutes. And, no, we weren’t ready to enter the mad-house again, either.

These are the eighty-five ideas every parent needs to keep their under-6s busy. Scroll down for Easter and spring-themed baking, crafting and play ideas. Plus, some Bluey colouring sheets to make life easy – perfect for a garden gathering over Easter weekend.

Browse Easter holiday ideas for children

Easter egg hunt

1. Easter wouldn’t be Easter without an egg hunt. If you want to make an event of it, download and print these Easter egg hunt clues and decorations and use them to hide mini eggs or toy animals around your home.

Easter egg hunt

Easter bonnet ideas

We’re happy schools are back but they do come with a regular dose of craft admin. Now, it’s Easter bonnet time again. These five ways to tackle Easter headgear include a really simple party hat hack, perfect for those of us who are time-poor or creatively-challenged!

2. Rabbit Easter bonnet

3. Easy Easter bonnet hat

4. Sheep Easter bonnet

Easter chick hat

5. Easter chick hats

6. Rabbit face mask

Role play games

7-11. We know, you have a house full of toys but your child is still bored. Inspire them to play new games with soft toys over the school holidays.

games with soft toys

Hummus recipe for kids

12. “Can I have a snack? Can I have a snack?” “But you’ve just eaten 35 chocolate eggs…” See if you can restore some balance with this clever carrot snack idea from BBC Good Food.

Easy Easter cards

Some of us haven’t seen family or friends for months, and it’s another month before we can go to stay with them. It’s the perfect excuse to get out the craft box and send them a homemade Easter card. Personally, we’d love to receive the fluffy cotton wool sheep.

Easter chick card

13. Easter egg card

14. Cotton wool sheep card

15. Easter chick card

16. Rabbit card

17. Rainbow card

Chocolate cornflake cakes

18. We loved making Easter nest cakes when we were small, and we still like eating them now. Try this chocolate cornflake cakes recipe from BBC Good Food.

Home science experiments

19-28. Kids all bunnied out? Try these home science experiments instead. Younger children will love playing the float or sink game. Challenge older children to see whether water can walk.

Button crafts

29. Let your child turn old buttons into springtime crafts, including this brilliant button bug craft.

Easy Easter egg painting idea

30. This easy Easter craft is definitely one of our favourites. You’ll want to empty your eggs before you decorate them – follow this handy how-to guide from our friends at Gathered, which shows you how to blow and decorate an egg without making a mess.

Bunny finger painting

31. Get your kids’ fingers ready for a cute bunny finger painting.

Free activity sheets to print

32-41. If you need a bit of time to chill, try printing these 10 activity sheets for your child to get on with. They feature colouring, maths and writing with Numberblocks, Waffle the Wonderdog, Bing Bunny, PJ Masks and more.

How to paint using a fork

42-46. Paintbrushes all dried up? Try these 5 painting ideas that use a fork instead.

Animal crafts

47-51. These 3 awesome animal crafts include a butterfly card your child can send to someone special.

Counting game for a rainy day

52. Still raining outside? Embrace it with this rainy day counting game.

Numberblocks maths games

53-57. Keep their brains ticking with these 5 active Numberblocks maths games that are lots of fun, too!

Bee art craft

58. Get your child to have a go at this buzzy bee art craft that uses paper, tissue paper, foil and a cardboard tube.

Screen-free activities

59. Try one of these 5 screen-free activities for kids if they need a break from tablets, phones or computers.

Easy bread recipes for families

60. Make the most of time at home and learn a new skill – try this easy bread recipe.

Parenting hacks from grandparents

62. Try these fun parenting hacks from grandparents (because we can’t be with them this year).

Lamb craft idea

63. We’ve fallen in love with this little lamb craft by One Little Project, which was made using cotton buds and clothes pegs.

Googly eyes crafts

64-68. We love these quick googly eyes craft ideas!

Building blocks activities

69-73. These 5 ideas to try with building blocks include matching, counting, sticking, phonics and using their imagination.

Finger printing ideas

74-78. These five fun finger printing ideas include springtime sheep that help your kids with learning maths.

Easy Easter biscuits and cakes

Get busy in the kitchen with these brilliant ways to decorate Easter biscuits and cakes.

Easter chick cake

79. Easter bunny cake recipe

80. Sheep cake recipe

81. Easter chick cake

82. Chocolate Rice Krispie cakes

83. Easter chick biscuits

Free Bluey colouring-in sheets

84. We just can’t get enough of Bluey and Bingo! Download these free Bluey colouring-in sheets and take your pick from three fun illustrations.

Bonding activities for siblings

85. If you’re looking for ways to keep the whole family happy, here are some fun activities for siblings that kids of all ages can enjoy.