With climate change marches happening across the world today, we’re making our own climate hero posters. Here’s a tip: the bigger the poster, the bigger the border it will have – and that’s going to take a long time to colour in. Ours say: “We will fight food waste by finishing our dinner before we ask for dessert.” And: ”We will save energy by turning off the light when we leave our room.” You see where we’re going here. They may not do this stuff to save mummy and daddy’s bank account/sanity, but they might do it to save the cute little polar bear cub we just showed them a photo of (yes, emotional blackmail does work). So while they’re busy drawing polar bear tears, here are our top 10 tips for doing your bit for the environment, while saving a bit of cash. Nice!

1. Get creative with leftovers. There are great recipe ideas here.
2. Turn off the lights and electrical stuff when you don’t need them.
3. Walk or bike to school and work.
4. Turn off the tap while you brush your teeth.
5. Stop Amazon-ing all your books and join a library instead.
6. Have a veggie day at least once a week. Super-quick recipes here.
7. Take your next holiday in Britain.
8. Remember to take a reusable bag out shopping.
9. Pretend Christmas has come early! Turkey is usually British (and cheaper than chicken) which means you save on air miles.
10. Use a washing line instead of a tumble dryer.

What your small person just learnt

That photo of the polar bear has a dual purpose, because it’s helping your little person FIND OUT and think about the world. Our hearts did a little dance when we realized what caring little people we’d made. It’s nice to know they are the future.