5 quick games that will teach your child maths

1. Collect empty plastic container such as shampoo bottles and butter tubs, and let your child explore making them full, half-full and empty. This is a good bath-time game!

2. Snack time? Slice an apple and together, count how many pieces there are. As you eat the slices, count back down until they’re all gone!

3. Make a giant board game! Write the numbers 1 to 20 on bits of paper and lay them in order. Then find a dice and take turns rolling it until you or your child makes it to the finish line! Make this game more interesting for older children by adding in rules and consequences – think Snakes and Ladders.

4. If you’ve got an egg box in the house, turn it into a DIY numbers game by numbering the sections 1 to 6,  popping a counter or bottle top inside and closing the box. Take turns to shake and open it – whoever lands on the higher number, wins the round! Keep playing and add your scores up as you go – first to 20 wins the game!

5. Do the long jump! Make a start line (outside? Chalk is perfect. Indoors, lay out string or ribbon) and see how far your child can jump, then measure the distance in centimetres. How far can they jump?