Banish the Sunday blues!

It’s Sunday and there’s a pile of school uniforms to sort, sandwiches to make and school bags to pack.

These ideas will help keep the kids busy for 5 minutes, while you tick things off that list.

1 Packed lunch: We think these might be the coolest sandwiches ever, and your kids are far more likely to help you make them if they’re going to end up looking like this. You just need sandwich bags, googly eyes and permanent markers. If your kids are too young to let loose with a marker pen, they look almost as good with just the googly eyes.

2 Pirate tidy time: Get the house shipshape by giving your children pirate demands! …Pick up all that treasure, me hearties… or ye will walk the plank! (It’s much better than screeching, “Pick up all your toys before I lose my sh¡t€!”)

3 Clean sweep: Our toddlers love to sweep and we find it hilarious watching them. They may not be very successful at clearing up the stale Cheerios that have been there all week, but at least they’re not making a new mess.

Finn, 1, earning his keep!

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