Don’t miss our best Easter bonnet ideas for kids

We love these cute Easter bonnet ideas. They give you great results in record time, without any complicated craft know-how.

If you’re on the last minute, scroll to the bottom for a party hat hack you can make in minutes.

For the rest of the bonnets, we’ve selected a mix of cute, traditional and one that’s bound to raise a smile. Who wouldn’t want to parade around with a fluffy bunny bottom on their brow?

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1. Rabbit Easter bonnet

Rabbit Easter bonnet

Your child will love crafting this fun Easter bonnet. To get started, find a green hat, some tissue paper and card. Make this rabbit Easter bonnet.

2. Easy Easter bonnet hat

easter bonnet hat

Click the link for a step-by-step guide to making this fab Easter bonnet hat. All you need is some green tissue paper, a few small toys, a straw hat and some ribbon.

3. Rabbit face mask

Rabbit mask

If you don’t have a spare hat to hand, have a go at crafting this rabbit face mask. Your little one might need you to help them cut the white card into a mask shape, but they can have a go at drawing the rabbit’s nose and ears by themselves.

Make this rabbit face mask.

4. Sheep Easter bonnet

Easter bonnet sheep

This Easter bonnet design is fluffy and fun. You’ll need a nice big wad of cotton wool, plus a hat, card, and some tissue paper.

Make this sheep Easter bonnet.

5. Easter chick hats

Easter chick hat

If you need an Easter bonnet idea that’s quick and simple, this Easter chick hat is perfect.¬†How to make this Easter chick hat.

We hope you’ve been inspired by our Easter bonnet ideas! For more fun Easter activities, check out these tasty Easter cakes.