Best ever space crafts using a loo roll!

5 out of this world ideas

We love our children to the moon and back. But, after 4 weeks at home with them, a solo trip to the moon is sounding quite appealing. To help everyone keep their sanity, we've created these super-simple loo roll crafts (let's face it, we've got plenty of them). They're fun, free to create and will keep your kids busy – so you can find a little space for you.

1. Out of this world! An easy alien craft idea

  1. You’ll need: Loo roll tube, paint, paintbrush, paper, pens and pencils, card, scissors, glue, pipe cleaners (optional)
  3. 1. Set your child up so they can paint the toilet roll tube a bright colour.
  4. 2. Ask them to draw and cut out ears, eyes and a mouth.
  5. 3. Now they can stick them onto their alien.
  6. 4. Pipe cleaner antennae will add the finishing touch!

2. Craft a space armband from a cardboard tube, just like Buzz Lightyear’s!

You’ll need: Loo roll tube, foil, coloured paper, scissors, glue

1. Snip the loo roll tube so you can slip it onto your child’s wrist.
2. Now they can wrap it in foil.
3. Then, they snip shapes from coloured paper to make buttons and glue them on. There could be buttons for your child to press to visit the planets of our solar system, and maybe a laser button to warn off any aliens they might encounter.
4. Finally, they slot the gadget onto their wrist and they’re ready to go.

3. Cardboard tube telescope: pretend to look into space

You’ll need: Kitchen roll tube or two toilet rolls, foil, black paper, sticky tape 

What to do:

1. If you’re using two toilet roll tubes, tape them together, end to end.
2. Now your child can wrap foil around them. Then, snip and stick a strip of black card around the end.
3. Ask them to point the telescope at the sky and look out for stars, planets and alien spacecrafts.

kitchen roll telescope

4. Loo roll astronaut: the best photo craft – perfect to give as a gift!

You’ll need: Loo roll tube, clear plastic cup or jelly pot (rescued from the recycling), pens and pencils, scissors, coloured card (we used blue), white paint, paintbrush, photo of your child, sticky tape, glue

First, a tiny bit of prep. Draw around the rim of the plastic cup on the card. Then, inside this outline, draw around the loo roll tube. Cut the card so that you’re left with a ring ­– you’ll use this later to build the astronaut.

1. Ask your child to paint the tube white.
2. Once it’s dry, they can draw some astronaut suit details on the tube and colour them in.
3. While they’re busy doing that, snip out a photo of them (or snap and print a new one).
4. Tape the ring that you made earlier to the top of the tube. Then tape the photo, too. 

5. Add glue to the paper ring, then glue on the plastic cup helmet.

5. Cardboard tube space rocket: as easy as 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!

You’ll need: Loo roll tube, wrapping paper, sticky tape, card, tissue paper, scissors, glue, pens and sticky stars (optional)

What to do:

1. Ask your child to wrap the wrapping paper around the toilet roll tube and stick in place. If they’d like, they could decorate it with pens, or sticky stars!
2. Roll a cone from card and tape it, then they can glue it the top of the tube.
3. Ask your child to tear tissue paper flames and stick them to the bottom of the rocket.
4. Challenge them to count backwards from 10, then blast off! Can they land their shuttle safely on a planet far, far away?

Play idea: They could drop a favourite little plastic toy into the tube and take them for a ride in space.