We love the idea of LEGO, but we have boxes of the blinking stuff and we lost all the instructions years ago (probably in the same place as our marbles!).

Here are five challenges the nippers can try with whatever building blocks you can find.

1 Monster: doesn’t matter if the eyes don’t match, if it has no mouth or one withered arm, as long as it’s monstrous!

2 Snake: here’s a tip – sticking blocks in a line instantly looks like a snake (especially when you wiggle it and ssssay ssssomething ssssnakey. Got random googly eyes? Add them. Or use two building blocks instead.

3 Tower: the challenge is to build one as tall as they possibly can before it topples over. And then start again.

4 Robot: The good thing about robots is that they look good with square edges, so they’re perfect to build with basic blocks.

5 Boat: These boats are really simple. Sail theirs on a mirror or some tin foil and it will instantly look amazing.


Is it wrong to play with LEGO after the kids have gone to bed? I’m quite proud of Alice’s (mum to Albert, 4, and Fred, 2) robot family, pictured above. The one on the right has been partying. Blame the wine.

We took to Twitter to ask you if you played with the kids’ LEGO after they’ve gone to bed. While a whopping 40% of you admitted you do, wine-drinking still came out on top with 60% of the vote. You guys!

If you’re one of the 40% of LEGO builders, we’d love to see your creations! Instagram them and tag us @5minutefun.

Article written by Sara Conway