Black Friday games bonanza!

If you’re anything like us Black Friday (this Friday, 24th November) has a lot to live up to.

We’re fully expecting to buy all the Christmas pressies for less than half the price – so we can splash the other half on that new pair of shoes. Yeah OK, who are we kidding but all the same, there’s nothing wrong with window shopping – right? So to help you save the pennies, here’s a few cool ideas of fun games you can make and play that definitely won’t break the bank, while giving you some much needed screen time!

1. Play the sound game Ask your child to close their eyes and be as quiet as they can for one minute. What sounds can they hear? Birds chirping, a faint siren, or other children laughing? What about some indoor sounds, such as the fridge buzzing or the washing machine spinning?

2. Play the gentle noisy game Turn the radio on and listen closely (you can obv pretend you’re listening too). Is the music loud or soft? Fast or slow? What do they like about it? Change the station to keep playing!

3. Hide and seek! Hide a selection of your child’s toys around the room. Some in easy places, some very hard (you want this to last right?)

4. The sorting office Ask your child to pretend they’re a postman. Collect a good selection of their toys and other objects from around your house. Ask them to sort them into piles, ready to send. They could be grouped in colour, size, shape and even weight. They could stack them in sacks after, and for more brownie points, even put them all back neat and tidy ready for next time!

5. Bubble blowing. Sitting comfortably? Good. This one might be a little messy so you might need to pay a little more attention if your lovelies are on the younger side. With kitchen towels at the ready, squeeze a dollop of washing-up liquid out. Then, taking a straw, ask your little one to tap the straw up and down in the liquid until a few suds appear at the end of the straw. Now, very gently blow (OK, we appreciate blowing gently might be a little challenging for excitable kids) and watch the bubble appear. Who can make the biggest one?

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