This is why you and your child will love Bluey (if you don’t already!)

Bluey cartoon season 2

Find out what makes Bluey so brilliant and why this cartoon is set to become your child’s new favourite TV programme – and yours!

You may have heard other parents talking about Bluey and be wondering what all the fuss is about. If this is the first time you’ve heard of it, we predict it won’t be the last. Bluey is on CBeebies and Disney Plus now, and it’s one of those rare TV shows you won’t mind watching with your child. It’s warm, funny and totally relatable. Read on to find out why your child will love it!

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1. Bluey is all about family

Each episode features the every-day tales of Bluey, a six-year-old blue heeler dog, her younger sister Bingo and her mum and dad. The family is Australian, where the programme originates from, so you can expect down-to-earth Aussiness, swimming pools and sausages on the barbie. But there’s nothing alienating about the location. This is family life as we know it the world-over, which brings us onto…

2. Bluey is relatable for parents

It’s crammed full of “been there” moments. Bluey’s loveable dad Bandit tries to take a toilet break in which both kids pile into the bathroom. One accuses him of making a stink (“You’re welcome to wait outside kiddo!”) while the other unfurls the toilet roll. You can’t watch Bluey without feeling it somehow knows your life!

3. Bluey is very funny

Those relatable moments we just talked about – they fill each episode with genuine belly laughs. A trip to pick up take-away turns into slapstick comedy when one child has to wee (“I can’t hold it!”). There are some funny moments with Bluey and Bingo, too, including their imaginary characters Rita and Janet, the chaos-causing grannies who know how to floss (the dance, not teeth).

4. Bluey is lovable

The characters feel so real, you very quickly grow to love them. And it’s a little embarrassing to admit but Bluey tugs on your heartstrings. There are touching moments between mum and dad and we shed real tears watching the episodes Camping and Sleepytime. Maybe we’d chopped an onion or something.

5. Bluey inspires imaginary play

The programme is all about play and the imagination, but if that sounds preachy, fear not. The games range from playing “work” where Bluey gets to tell her dad what to do, to “travelling” where mum and dad wear the kids as backpacks and recreate the holidays of their youth, and “hotels” where Bandit gets to check-in to his bedroom and have a nice lie down. It dishes up inspiration softly, but we’ve noticed our children are much more creative with their play ideas after watching Bluey.

Bluey is available to watch on CBeebies and Disney Plus now. Enjoy – and, if your child loves it, remember to order their Bluey-themed Christmas presents early!

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