5 makes with pompoms

Images and words: Sara Conway

1 Pompom pal: gluing together pompoms makes a bobbly buddy

You’ll need: pompoms, coloured paper, a pipe cleaner, glue, googly eyes

  1. Ask your child to pop glue on each pompom and push them together. Make sure all the pompoms are touching and leave them to dry.
  2. Once they’re dry, they can add googly eyes. We also added a smile sticker. They could draw a smile and glue it on.

2 Pompom monster: Raaaar!

You’ll need: a bigger pompom, a googly eye, coloured card.

  1. Give your kids the pompom to stick the googly eye on.
  2. Now they cut out feet to stick underneath the pompom.

3 Pompom ice cream: a mini-treat for a favourite toy

You’ll need: a pompom, orange card, glue

  1. First, ask your child to roll a cone shape from the card (small enough that the pompom will fit into the top).
  2. Now they pop in a pompom to make the ice cream. Or two pompoms, or three! Ask your child what flavours they all are.

For older kids, you can stick the mini ice cream onto a pipe cleaner to wear as a bracelet or necklace. Or glue it to a pin – it makes a great brooch!

4 Bobbly art: pompoms add 3D colour to any picture

You’ll need: a picture to colour in, pompoms, glue

  1. Either draw a simple picture or give your child a colouring in page.
  2. Now they stick pompoms onto it – it’s that simple!

Try birds, elephants, a unicorn, a llama – whatever takes their fancy!

5 Pirate pompom: a pompom makes a colourful piece of treasure for budding pirates

You’ll need: a pompom, an eager pirate

  1. Hide the pompom and put the kettle on (for you).
  2. Watch as your pirate hunts for the pompom, and call out warmer and colder to help them.
  3. Pour tea, and relax!