Bonfire Night safety tips

Bonfire Night is 3 parts awesome: Sparklers! Fireworks! Mulled wine! And 1 part terrifying.

Children + Fire? It’s enough to turn our hair grey in an instant. Here are 5 practical activities they’ll love helping with that will also keep them safe tonight.

Start by letting your child know that they’re a fire warden for the night – and you need their help with 5 important jobs!

1. Draw and colour a sparkler safety poster

Include these things on the poster:
Never put them in your pocket.
Make sure an adult is present.
Light them one at a time.
Wear gloves.
Hold them at arm’s length.
When it goes out, drop it in a bucket of water.

It’s their job to share these rules with other kids later.

2. Make a used sparkler bucket

Design a label to stick on the bucket and then ask if they help you fill the bucket up with water.

3. Designate a safe firework-watching zone

Mark it out with tape together. Give your child the task early on in the evening of telling people where they need to stand when the  fireworks start. Our kids aren’t so keen on rules – until they’re making sure other people follow them.

4. Set them a scavenger hunt

Gather all the gloves, scarves, hats and long socks they can find (you know, all the stuff you crammed into cupboards when the weather warmed up, and you’ve no idea where it is) and set them the task of sort them into pairs and piles so the family has safe clothing for holding sparklers and watching fireworks later. A very important job!

5. Create a safe place for fluffy friends 

Get them to help you keep your pets indoors today (or soft toys if they don’t have pets). Build an extra safe space for them with food, blankets, litter tray if necessary (best the kids don’t touch that! Though we’d rather not either…), and anything else they might need.