Inspired by The Gruffalo, Dragons Love Tacos and The Tiger Who Came to Tea

There are some books we love as much as our children do.

Maybe because they signal bedtime? These games should give us 5 minutes to ourselves during the day too. Can we drink wine at 10am? Hmmm.

1 The Tiger Who Came to Tea, Judith Kerr

They draw (or write) a shopping list of things you might need for a tiger guest. They’ll need lots and lots of different types of food and drink, including beer. The tiger is a bit of a lush.

2 The Gruffalo, Julia Donaldson & Axel Scheffler

They draw their own Gruffalo thinking about different colours and describing words. Julia Donaldson’s has terrible teeth, knobbly knees, orange eyes, a black tongue and purple prickles all over his back. What will theirs look like? (Ps it’s fine if it looks like Julia’s, as long as it keeps them busy!

3 Dragons Love Tacos, Adam Rubin & Daniel Salmieri

They make tacos for a dragon guest with coloured paper and scissors.

You’ll need to quickly cut orange paper into big circles (the tacos). It’s easiest if you fold the paper and cut a semi circle — you can do a few at a time.

They snip the other ingredients: green paper; lettuce, yellow paper; cheese, red paper; mild salsa. Then they add the ingredients to the tacos, and roll — make sure you don’t give them spicy salsa or there will be dragon-sized trouble, OK?

What’s your family’s favourite book? Vote in our poll!

Article written by Sara Conway

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